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A Guide to An Independent Markha Valley Trek in 4 Days

If you’re in the Indian region of Ladakh, you’ll probably hear about the Markha Valley. While there are loads of valleys that you can explore by taxi, van, or motorbike, the Markha Valley is currently only accessible by foot. This makes it one of the most popular trekking destinations in Ladakh. Here’s my Guide to an Independent Markha Valley Trek in 4 days...

Shimla to Manali: Independently Motorbiking the Spiti Valley

This is one of India's most beautiful regions, and seeing it on a motorbike was the most incredible experience. We stopped in small villages every night and woke up to the most amazing views. Here's my guide to independently motorbiking through this incredible part of India.

Where to Find the Blue City in Jodhpur

You'd think that in a city nicknamed "The Blue City," the blue city would be easy to find. Nope! Here's where to find the blue city, and tonnes of photos of the magic inside it!