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The Best Things To Do in Pokhara, Nepal.

Pokhara is a place I call home. Whilst I was living there, I found some of Pokhara’s hidden gems. Here were my favourite things to do.

Pokhara is a place I call home. You know those places that you just can’t help but fall in love with? The ones you just feel connected to? Yeah, that’s Pokhara for me. I’ve spent months in this beautiful place and found something new to love about it every single day.

The Best Things to do in Pokhara

Take a Boat onto Phewa Tal

This one’s an obvious one, but it’s still one of my favourites! I have so many memories on this lake, from swimming back to shore in the middle of a thunderstorm (only after did I learn that it is not sanitary to swim in, oh well) to paddling out to the Peace Pagoda.

If you’re looking for something a little less touristy, Begnas Tal is a quick trip outside of Pokhara and much quieter! I have the most wonderful memory of a quiet summer day here with one of the greatest people I know.

Hike up to Australian Base Camp

Australian Base Camp is just a quick bus ride and hike away from Pokhara, and the morning views of the Annapurna range are INCREDIBLE. I left at around 6am and arrived at base camp at about 10:30 or 11am. I ended up spending the night to see the sunrise, which was stunning.

Watch a Film at the Movie Garden

The Movie Garden plays a popular film every night of the week. It’s so lovely to hang out there with your friends and to enjoy the warm Pokhara air.

Cafe Hop

I spent MANY hours blogging at the cafes in Pokhara. My go to was always Himalayan Java (best wifi), but there are so many other great ones, too. For the full list of my favourites, check out this post.

Learn to make some momos (and support an incredible organisation)

SASANE is located just outside of Lakeside and is an absolutely amazing place to spend the morning. Learn to make momos (Nepali dumplings) from some incredible women and help support this organisation. SASANE teaches ex-trafficked women the skills needed to rebuild their lives after surviving trafficking and even offers the opportunity for them to become paralegals. This is an organisation very close to my heart and it’s a fantastic way to spend some downtime in Pokhara.

The Mountain Museum

This small museum is one of my favourites. It has loads of information on Nepal’s beautiful mountains and I PROMISE YOU, you’ll be inspired to climb some peaks after visiting. I also really like looking at the old expedition gear. How people climbed Everest a couple decades ago was mental.

Wanna Stay a Little Longer?

Nepal is a great place to volunteer! I had an internship in Pokhara and absolutely loved the community of other creatives, digital nomads, volunteers, and long-term residents.

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