• The Ultimate Guide to Singapore

    I lived in Singapore for four years and loved every minute of it. Want to know exactly what to do, how to get around, where to eat, where to stay, and what neighbourhoods are the best? READ THIS GUIDE!

  • A Guide to Eating Healthy in Singapore

    Singapore is home to some of the BEST food. Chicken rice, sambal stingray, and satay... the list goes on and on! While delicious, those foods aren't exactly the healthiest. Here's my guide to where to eat healthy in Singapore.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking in Singapore

    When one says “Singapore,” you may think “luxury.” While Singapore is known for extravagant hotels with boats and infinity pools at the top, rooftop restaurants and bars, and malls with rivers inside them, there’s an underground backpacking scene here, and it’s well worth checking out! Here’s everything you need to know about backpacking in Singapore. Singapore is worth spending a couple days in en route to another destination, whether that be Australia, our backyard of all of South East Asia, or elsewhere. It’s the perfect way to begin or end a trip, with Changi Airport (rated world’s best!!) and loads of bus routes to Malaysia at your fingertips. Basic Information Singapore…

  • unexpected summits & spells: the harry potter cafe

    Hello friends! A couple days ago, the realisation that I only had a few days left in Singapore hit me. Naturally, I went ahead and did some things I’ve wanted to do in Singapore, but never got around to. Of course I had to get to the highest point of Singapore, a 164 m hill. It’s only ten minutes up to the summit (I still laugh every time I say that) of Bukit Timah Hill, but it’s quite steep, and in the Singapore heat, you work up a sweat! To cool down and get some lunch, my mom and I headed over to Platform 1094, the Harry Potter Cafe (although…

  • unexpected expat wife: 10 things you’ll hear during a get together

    Before leaving for Nepal, I played Singapore expat wife for a week and IT WAS WONDERFUL. These ladies are so so lovely, always welcoming and in for a good time! I went to quite a few functions hosted by the American Women’s Association and enjoyed every single one of them, from a three course lunch (with wine of course!) to an artisan chocolate making class to a Chinese tea ceremony! During my time being a very young expat ‘wife,’ I started to get a feel for the main topics of conversation. 10 Things you will definitely hear during a Singapore Expat Wife Function 1. “How long have you been in Singapore?”…