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Travel Journal

Travel Journal #10 | One year later…

It’s been a whole year since I’ve written my last travel journal post about living in Italy during the pandemic. Well, one year later, and whilst the vaccine has been rolling out (woohoo!), things don’t seem all too different. It hasn’t been a great time for the travel industry, reflected in my lack of posts. Let’s just say I’ve...

Travel Journal #9 | Living in Italy with COVID-19

The past few weeks, I've been getting quite a few messages wondering what it's like in Italy with all of this going on. Yesterday and today, I've received a signifiant number more. Here's my take on the situation.

Also probably should have worded the title differently - I do not have the coronavirus.

Things to Know Before Moving to Rome: Travel Journal #7

It’s been over a YEAR since I’ve done a travel journal – can you believe it? And what a year full of adventure. We’ve periodically moved to San Francisco, cycled a route way too hard for me in Switzerland, and, uh, we’ve moved to Italy. Things to Know Before Moving to Rome Living in Italy and going on holiday in Italy are two totally...