• Everything You Need to Know About Train Travel in China

    Train travel in China is sooo underrated. It's so convenient to take short train journeys because they're faster than buses, and overnight trains are the best because you wake up where you need to be! That being said, train travel in China can be a little intimidating. That's where I step in. Here's a guide to train travel in China.

  • 5 Weekend Trips from Kunming, China

    Kunming is the perfect home base for weekend trips to other cities in Yunnan. There are so many places to see, each completely different from the last. Whilst I lived in Kunming, I took full advantage of the location to see as much of Yunnan as I could! Here are my top weekend trips.

  • A Review of My Time at Keats Chinese School

    I was so pleasantly surprised with how much I LOVED my time in China, and honestly, most of it came down to the school I studied at. I felt my language skills come together quickly, I saw parts of Kunming I would have never otherwise explored, and I made life long friends. Here's my experience.

  • How to Spend a Weekend in Dali, China

    By now, you guys have probably guessed that my friends and I like to get away from our studies by going on weekend trips. This weekend, we checked out Dali, an ancient town north of Kunming. Dali is a great destination for a weekend away. It’s full of amazing restaurants and cute little alleyways to discover and explore. Getting There Once again, we took the night train on Friday night, and we arrived Saturday morning at about 6am. The train station is a fair bit away from the old town. You’ll need to take the number 8 bus, which departs from the front of the train station. Where We Stayed We stayed…

  • unexpected hikes: kunming’s western hills (xi shan)

    After a lovely weekend in Shangri La, we decided to spend the weekend in our home city- Kunming! Kunming is a wonderful, manageable-sized, charming city. There’s plenty in the city to check out (if you’d like a post on that, I can definitely do that), but we headed towards the mountains. Kunming is the home to the Western Hills (Xi Shan in Chinese). I was expecting a hike up to the top and a quick descent, but the area is actually really lovely to explore, and I highly recommend checking it out. You can take a series of cable cars and ski lifts up to the top of the mountain,…

  • unexpected weekend trips: kunming to shangri la

    Located 3160 m above sea level, Shangri La (also known as Zhongdian) is the Himalayan paradise of the 1933 James Hilton novel Lost Horizons (or so they say, although other towns also claim to be THE Shangri La). My friends and I decided to do a weekend trip here to see the mountains and Tibetan culture. G E T T I N G   T H E R E  We bought our tickets at Kunming West Passenger Bus Station (Xi Bu Ke Yun Zhan). It’s best to take a taxi here (¥25), as it’s quite far away. The tickets were about ¥208 one way. You can only buy one way here. We took the…