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Everest Base Camp Blog: My Experience Doing Everest Base Camp Solo

Everest Base Camp holds a special place in my heart. It was one of my first big treks and it made me fall in love with the Himalayas. Since then, I’ve lived in Nepal, gone on to hike bigger and taller paths, and fallen in love with other mountain ranges. That being said, EBC is one of my all-time favourite treks and even though I’ve already been three...

How to Do the Poon Hill Trek in 3 Days

Poon Hill is a short hike from Pokhara, but one that is entirely worth doing. This is one of the best sunrises I've seen of the Annapurnas and it is such a fond memory. Here's how to do the trek!

Why You NEED a Singapore Staycation

Singapore is a great Southeast Asian hub, but instead of escaping this city for your next holiday, have a staycation in it! Here are all my tips to having a relaxing and successful staycation in Singapore.

What to Wear in India For Women

When I was packing for my first trip to India, I got so hung up on what to wear! In certain countries, what you wear can make a big difference in the way you're treated. so I wanted to get my outfits right. Here's what I learned, and THIS is how you should dress in India.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Backpack Nepal

Nepal is the country that stole my heart. I've visited a countless number of times, and I loved it so much I even moved here! I've created this monster guide to backpacking in this beautiful country to help you see as much of it as you can! Here's everything you need to know about backpacking Nepal (whether you're a trekker or not).

How to Travel Mongolia Without a Tour

Mongolia remains one of my favourite travel destinations because it's so untouched. Because of it's vastness and little tourism, people are hesitant to go without a tour, but it's totally possible! Here are all of my tips for travelling to Mongolia without a tour.