• The Perfect One Week Tenerife Itinerary & Guide

    Tenerife absolutely blew me away. Climbing Spain's highest mountain was a great way to stay active and break up journeys in the car. I think we explored every corner of this island and it was the perfect way to spend a week. Whether you like hiking, sunbathing, or road trips, there's something in Tenerife for everyone.

  • Must Visit Places in Tenerife

    I absolutely fell in love with Tenerife. I'm convinced everyone could find something they love here! We spent a week exploring this island, but if you're short on time, here are the must visit places.

  • The Ultimate Place to Stay if You LOVE Hiking

    If you're going to Tenerife only for the beach, you're selling yourself short! Tenerife has some absolutely incredible hiking destinations. This place is probably the ULTIMATE place to stay in Tenerife if you love hiking.

  • Independently Hiking El Teide, Spain’s Highest Mountain

    Teide is Spains highest mountain, located in Tenerife. On our Tenerife trip, we made it a priority to climb this peak, and we are SO glad we did. Teide is absolutely beautiful, and watching the sunrise from the top is something you can only experience if you climb up. Interested in hiking this one and a half day trek independently? Heres a guide to everything you need to know about permits, the refuge, and the hike itself.

  • unexpected barcelona: two must sees

    Going into Barcelona, I was afraid I wouldn’t like it. I have previously been to the city and loved it, but after basking in the beauty of the outdoors, I have started preferring nature to city. Luckily, I still loved the city! Barcelona is an absolute beauty! I spent the 9 or so hours I had in Barcelona exploring some of my favorite touristy places. La Rambla/ The Market This street is so busy and crowded and energizing! It’s full of life and fun and smiles and it’s just wonderful to stroll down. There are stores, bars, cafes, and a whole bunch of other places to stop at if you…

  • unexpected ceuta (spanish morocco)

    When I heard we were visiting Spanish Morocco, I was ecstatic. AFRICA! I couldn’t wait to see how Moroccan and Spanish culture mixed and melded into a really wonderful beautiful place. We docked at 7am, and I was ready to go. It was dark outside, so I couldn’t see what Ceuta looked like, and when I did finally go out and see the city… well, honestly, I was a little disappointed. Ceuta looked just like Spain did. No Moroccan influence that I could immediately see. We walked a little bit through the pretty, polished city, then took a the N7 bus from the market. The N7 drives through quite a…

  • unexpected almeria

    Sometimes it takes one little change to completely alter your view of a place. Today was a day that fully embodied that statement. The day started with the entire family heading off the boat and into town. We walked/wheeled my grandmother up to the old fortress, where we were turned around at the entrance. Unfortunately, the fortress is closed on Mondays, but the little peak of it was beautiful! We just walked around the shopping streets and into the market until lunchtime, as it was incredibly hot. I wasn’t too sure that I liked Almeria from our little taste of it. We walked back to the boat for lunch, then…