• An Australia East Coast Itinerary

    The East Coast of Australia is something everyone should see. There's a mix of incredible cities (like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne) and beautiful white sand beaches. I think one of the best ways to see it is just to start at the North and travel down it! Here's my guide to Australia's East Coast.

  • unexpected tips: the best places for first time travelers

    I get it- traveling overseas is a big jump, and it can be scary. Trust me, I’ve been there. I have to say however, making that jump will be the best decision of your life, despite the airfare¬†being the worst for your wallet! International travel brings out a new side of you and your outlook on the world around us; you’ll wonder why you didn’t start international travel earlier! Here are my favorite international destinations for first timers! Thailand This country is a wonderful destination, full of utter beauty, friendly locals, and adventurous souls! The food is delicious, and while you still have to be careful with what you eat,…