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Falling in Love with India’s Most Romantic City (ft. the Best Sunset Spot in Udaipur!)

Udaipur is one of the most glamourous and beautiful cities I’ve been to in India! It’s nicknamed India’s most romantic city, and for good reason! Here’s my guide to this magical place.

Phil has always said this was his favourite city in Rajasthan, and after going there myself, I can totally see why. While I haven’t seen *quite* enough of India to say it’s my favourite city, I sure did love this place.

I can’t pinpoint a reason why I liked Udaipur so much; it’s just one of those places I’ve felt an immediate peace within.


If you go to Udaipur, you MUST stay along the water. It’s so beautiful and relaxing. Phil and I stayed in a private room in the GoStops Udaipur Hostel, which I can’t recommend enough! The rooms were clean and there was air conditioning past 8pm, but what I REALLY loved about this hostel was the common area! The rooftop is beautiful and there’s a great place to sit that overlooks the water. There’s also an indoor room with air con (a real plus) that has outlets hanging everywhere, as well as a great working area. There was great wifi throughout the hostel, which is super necessary if you’re an online business owner/blogger like Phil and me.


Phil and I really loved finding rooftop restaurants or restaurants right on the water. We ate at these kind of restaurants our whole time in Udaipur, except for one meal (more on that next). We really loved Hari Garh because you’re literally sitting over the lake. The fish tikka was amazing here.

The only place Phil and I ate that wasn’t a rooftop or over water restaurant is a little hole in the wall called Just Eat. It’s purely vegetarian and absolutely delicious. The best part is that it’s SO cheap. I think we spent about 300 rupees (just over 3 pounds) on three dishes, four chapatis, and a milkshake.


A big highlight was visiting the City Palace. While touristy, I thought the interior was so beautiful. The gardens when you first enter the gate are so lovely and green, and then the actual palace is so detailed and glamourous.

We visited the palace during the daytime, but we returned just before sunset. We bought a garden ticket for 30 rupees (which doesn’t allow you into the palace, just through the gardens). When you enter the big gate, continue through the gardens (the palace will be on your right), out through the gate, then down to the promenade along the water. Continue walking along the water and you’ll find the BEST sunset spot in Udaipur! Loads of people take the sunset boat rides for 800 rupees, but I quite liked being able to see the boats float by. I also loved all of the bats that came out for sunset. There are thousands of them and they’re so cool to watch (but be careful because one girl we were with got poo’ed on twice).

I absolutely loved our time in Udaipur and I highly recommend it to anyone travelling through Rajasthan! There aren’t LOADS of activities to do, but the relaxed, slow pace of the city is so lovely, and something you don’t find often in India.

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