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10 Signs You’ve Backpacked in Southeast Asia

1. You own elephant pants or fisherman pants 2. You have this picture (or a very similar one) did you even go to Asia if you didn’t get to see some elephants? 3. You know food poisoning is not an “if,” but a “when” and you know that it’s NOT going to be a fun couple hours/days 4. You love street animals dogs, cats, all of them! 5...

Travel Journal: New Years in Bali

New years in Bali? Yes please! I had heard so much hype about Bali, specifically about Uluwatu, the temples, and Ubud, and luckily, those were the destinations we decided to check out. Our trip started in Ubud, a village located mainland, known for its artists. We stayed at the Three Dewis, a really nice guesthouse right off of Jalan Bisma. The decor is exactly what...