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    unexpected wanderlust: 10 photos that inspire you to go to vietnam

    Vietnam is an absolute gem. It’s a place that I hold special in my heart. It was a place where I reconnected with a friend I hadn’t seen since kindergarten, a place with so much beauty to explore, and a place to fall in love with. I’m dying to return and to see the places I didn’t have time to explore. If you’re thinking about going to Vietnam, GO. It’s such a special┬ácountry with the friendliest people, the most amazing sights, and the best food. Need any other inspiration to go? Scroll on, ya girl’s gotchu ­čśë

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    10 signs you’ve backpacked in southeast asia

    1. You own elephant pants or fisherman pants 2. You have this picture (or a very similar one) did you even go to Asia if you didn’t get to see some elephants? 3. You know food poisoning is not an “if,” but a “when” and you know that it’s NOT going to be a fun couple hours/days 4. You love street animals dogs, cats, all of them! 5. Your first aid kit becomes your most prized possession Food poisoning, upset stomach, headache? “I have stuff for that.” 6. You’ve had a bucket and you know how dangerous they are 7. Mosquito repellent = liquid gold 8. You’ve grown to like…

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    unexpeted itineraries: popular southeast asia

    Southeast Asian Itineraries I may not have lived in Southeast Asia all my life, but to me, this beautiful little region is home. The best memories from my childhood come from tubing down a river in Laos (yes, the one that was known for death by bar hopping/drugs) and playing with elephants in Chiang Mai, with some rock climbing in China thrown in there. I moved to Singapore to finish high school and made more memories of Southeast Asia, from clubbing until sunrise with my classmates to climbing over 1000 vertical meters up Mt. Kinabalu. And finally, throughout my gap year, I had spent time bouncing around Southeast Asian countries,…

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    unexpected hoi an

    Our tour of Halong Bay took us back to Hanoi, so Gabby and I took an overnight train to Danang to get to Hoi An. These were the cabins, which really weren’t too bad at all, excluding the cockroaches that we found. One was in my bed (eek!!!), but they all disappeared when the train started moving. The train ride was incredibly bumpy (I caught air a couple times), but bearable and convenient. We arrived at the Da Nang train station and took a cab for $20 USD to Hoi An, about a forty five minute drive. In Hoi An, after checking into our hostel, House Backpackers, we explored a…

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    unexpected ha long bay

    Ugh the beauty of this place is unreal. It’s absolutely┬ábreathtaking.┬áBeing onboard the Paloma Cruise was the most relaxing, incredible experience. The staff was the sweetest, most helpful and comforting staff Gabby and I┬áhad met on our entire trip, and they brought joy and laughter to our faces every waking minute. During our stay on the cruise, we had plenty of activities, including kayaking, visiting a floating village, seeing Amazing Cave, pictured below, and more stuff like swimming and drinking and just having a grand ‘ole time. Dinner was absolutely fabulous onboard, with the freshest seafood and the most delicious dishes. Also, if you have dietary restrictions, Paloma caters to your…

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    unexpected hanoi

    Long time, no blog! I’ve been in Vietnam with Gabby for the past ten days, so blogging, let alone good internet, has been hard to come by. No worries, though, I’ll be posting about our trip quite regularly in the next few days! Our first stop on our Vietnamese adventure was Hanoi. I didn’t really know what to expect of Hanoi, since I’ve never been to Vietnam. It was really a lovely surprise. The streets have the classic Southeast Asia craziness that I’ve grown to love, and the people are so so so friendly. We stayed at the 3 Stones Hostel in Hanoi, formerly the Little Hanoi Hostel, located on…