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    A 2 Week Myanmar Itinerary

    Want to see the best of Myanmar but only have 2 weeks? It’s totally possible! Follow my itinerary to see the highlights of this amazing country. Day 1: Land in Yangon and get yourself to Mandalay Flights are typically cheapest in and out of Yangon, so obviously, start there! You can take a flight or overnight bus to Mandalay, though I decided to take an overnight train. I heard horror stories about the train, so of course, I booked it. I actually loved it! The views were incredible and we got a peek into REAL life in Myanmar. I got some bed bug bites, but luckily didn’t carry them with…

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    unexpected wanderlust: 10 photos that will make you book a flight to myanmar

    I’ve been thinking about Myanmar a lot recently. I feel that we’ve only been seeing the bad side of the country in the news lately, but Myanmar is such a gorgeous place. I wanted to highlight the amazing side of this country. It sure is a special one. You’ll notice that a LOT of my photos are from Mandalay. It’s a destination that so many people say to skip, but it was my favourite place! I highly recommend going. Enough talking- here are the photos.       Like it? Pin it!

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    10 signs you’ve backpacked in southeast asia

    1. You own elephant pants or fisherman pants 2. You have this picture (or a very similar one) did you even go to Asia if you didn’t get to see some elephants? 3. You know food poisoning is not an “if,” but a “when” and you know that it’s NOT going to be a fun couple hours/days 4. You love street animals dogs, cats, all of them! 5. Your first aid kit becomes your most prized possession Food poisoning, upset stomach, headache? “I have stuff for that.” 6. You’ve had a bucket and you know how dangerous they are 7. Mosquito repellent = liquid gold 8. You’ve grown to like…

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    unexpected bagan

    Bagan, Myanmar is magical. It’s much more in line with what I had pictured Myanmar to be like – dirt roads, hippies, and amazing temples everywhere you look. The best way to see Bagan on your own is to rent an e-bike, get lost, and stumble upon temples.Finding a temple with no tourists and a beautiful view of the sunrise/sunset becomes a sort of game, a game with an absolutely incredible prize.

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    unexpected cooking: what to do near inle lake

    Inle Lake is a place that some title “The Most Beautiful Place in Myanmar.” While I did find it beautiful, I found that once you saw the lake, you struggled with figuring out what to do. Here are the top moments of Inle Lake. First off, definitely take your boat trip. Inle is a big vast lake with plenty of life! Beware of the fisherman, who will strike the classic “fishing post,” then ask you to cough up money. Enjoy the scenery, the tourist stops (they’re actually quite fun), and seeing everything the lake has to offer. At nighttime, the puppet show happens! Puppeteering is a lost art, so see it…

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    unexpected boat rides: mandalay to bagan

    Imagine spending all day floating down a river, sunshine on your face, completely able to zone out, staring at the river bank and the hills beyond, tea and toast in hand. That is what taking the ferry down the Irrawaddy River was like. Relaxation & bliss. We woke up early and caught a taxi to the pier at six. Yes, six in the morning. Onboard, we were given two slices of toast and either coffee or tea for breakfast. The boat ride is 10 hours, so you’re bound to arrive at about 5pm. I’d only recommend this if you’re into mindless staring and observation or if you’re in a good need…

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    unexpected mandalay

    We arrived in Mandalay at around 7:40 am after “sleeping” on the night train, then walked to our guest house. A C C O M M O D A T I O N We stayed at the Nylon Hotel, which I highly recommend. The staff is incredibly helpful and can help you book taxis, tickets, and transportation to your next destination. The rooms were clean and much nicer than I had anticipated. There were also Western toilets and a clean (warm) shower! Mind you, I’m traveling with my mother this round, so we aren’t on a strict backpacker budget. This hotel is about SGD $30 per night – pretty expensive…

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    unexpected train rides through Myanmar

    Trains in Myanmar. You either love them or hate them. After reading plenty of train horror stories, my Mom and I were a little apprehensive to travel via train from Yangon, but incredibly curious about how it would be. So what did we do? Buy train tickets to Mandalay of course! We bought two tickets for upper seats (one class above the most basic class and one class under the sleeper cabins) for 9300 kyat each (that’s about $9.30). Our train was scheduled for 5pm, but we were told to come at 4pm. The gates to the track were closed up, and at 5, the train came and the gates…

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    unexpected teatime

    I’ve been wanting to get to Myanmar for quite some time, however each time I’m about to hop on a plane and go, something happens and I end up somewhere else. Two tries later, I made it! Hello Myanmar! I was absolutely shocked when we first arrived in Yangon. For a developing country, one that has recently opened its doors to foreigners, the airport is beautiful! It wasn’t run down at all, and I quickly had to adjust my expectations for the country. We took a taxi to the train station, because we were actually heading out of Yangon that night. We then headed out to explore, carrying all of…