• A 3 Day San Francisco Itinerary

    I spent the summer in San Francisco and fell in love! I actually grew up in the Bay Area but left when I was about 4, so I got the chance to discover the city for the first time. Whilst there, I gathered a BUNCH of tips and recommendations from old and new friends, and I made my own memories, too! Here's the ultimate guide to San Francisco in three days.

  • Portland to San Francisco Drive: Where to Stop and What to See!

    The West Coast of the US is absolutely stunning. There are so many little hidden gems along the way, and I wanted to get a taste for them. We spent a few days driving from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California, and here are all the wonderful things we did (and you can do too)!

  • 5 Reasons to Visit Kentucky

    Kentucky is a state that gets a bad reputation. I used to go to Kentucky every single weekend, and I'm here to tell you it's worth a visit! Whether you like cities, bourbon, or the outdoors, Kentucky has it all!

  • unexpected adirondacks : 10 photos that will inspire you to go backpacking in new york

    Need a final push to get you to go backpacking? Read on šŸ™‚ There’s nothing like backpacking… eating by the fire, waking up in a tent, drinking self-purified water, walking miles a day. While it definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s something that I think everyone should try! There’s no better way to connect to the outdoors than to live in it for a couple days!

  • unexpected misses

    Hey guys! As you read this, I’ll be on the flight from Doha to Singapore! New exciting things coming soooooon! I’m leaving because I feel that I need to explore more than just the US. Besides a three year stint in Singapore and travels, the US is all I’ve ever known. I know that there’s more for me outside of the States. There’s so much more to experience and fall in love with! IĀ couldĀ have stayed at university in the states, as it’s only 4 or 5 years. IĀ could haveĀ done a lot of things, but I chose this moment to pack up all of my things and move. Why? I don’t…

  • unexpected rebirth

    A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born. I saw that quote and I swear I’ve never resonated with twenty words as much as I do with these. I like those two sentences. I’m leaving the US this week (woah), fully embracing the “birth” of my future self. Lately, I’ve been struggling with how to say goodbye to the US.Ā It’s weird leaving my passport country. Maybe because I just consider the States exactly that: my passport country. It once was the only country I knew, but here I am, leaving it, getting ready to live on my own…

  • unexpected weekends in northampton (& mini life update)

    I couldn’t have asked for a better last weekend with my favourite ladies! I ended up in Northampton, MA both Saturday and Sunday. Northampton is a great fun little area; it’s a nice getaway from the quiet life in South Hadley. On Saturday, my friends from Mount Holyoke and I took the PVTA (pioneer valley transit authority) to Northampton, where we ended up at Nourish Cafe. I highly recommend this place if you’re into crunchy granola, upscale clean eating- their acai bowls, buddha bowls, avo toast and smoothies were all delicious! After gorging on heaps of (healthy) food, we decided to walk around, enjoying the small hustle and bustle that…

  • unexpected friendsgiving (& two NYC must eats!)

    After spending a lovely Thanksgiving in Charlotte, I flew to New York City to spend two days with friends. The big apple never ceases to amaze me. It was entirely done with Thanksgiving and hoppin’ on the Christmas train! I had arrived in a total winter wonderland. I love walking around the city- there’s always something going on and the liveliness is so refreshing. Before leaving the city, we spent a couple hours at Bryant Park, where there were little markets! We Christmas shopped, ate, and watched the skaters fly by. It was so Christmas-y and it really put us into the whole holiday mood. I highly recommend checking the…

  • unexpected charlotte

    As mentioned in the last post, I had spent my Thanksgiving with paternal relatives in North Carolina. I absolutely loved seeing family I hadn’t seen in 1o years (ten!!!) and spending tons of time with them. It was truly a Thanksgiving that had made me realise how dang lucky I was to have such lovely blessings in my life. Enough of the sappy bits, I know! We spent a day strolling through Charlotte, North Carolina, an amazingly vibrant little city. Charlotte seems like a big foodie destination- there were restaurants lining the main street and they all looked delicious. I could also see a night at a bar in Charlotte…