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10 Signs You’ve Backpacked in Southeast Asia

1. You own elephant pants

or fisherman pants

2. You have this picture (or a very similar one)


did you even go to Asia if you didn’t get to see some elephants?

3. You know food poisoning is not an “if,” but a “when”

and you know that it’s NOT going to be a fun couple hours/days

4. You love street animals

dogs, cats, all of them!

5. Your first aid kit becomes your most prized possession

Food poisoning, upset stomach, headache?

“I have stuff for that.”

6. You’ve had an infamous bucket

emojis for the sake of my dear friends who have jobs and lives

and you know how dangerous they are

7. Mosquito repellent = liquid gold

8. You’ve grown to like the watery taste of local beers


9. You’ve done a visa run

Bless the easy borders

10. Despite all of the inconveniences, sicknesses, and loud night buses, you love SEA <3


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