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Amsterdam Food Diary

After cycling for so long, we made Amsterdam the destination of FOOD! Here's what we ate (including the BEST Dutch apple pie!).

Food Worth Travelling the World For

If you know me, you definitely know I'm a foodie. What can I say? Food's the way to my heart! It's also one of my favourite things to explore when travelling- a cuisine shows you so much about a culture. Here are some foods that I've had whilst travelling that are DEFINITELY worth travelling the world for.

The Best Restaurants in Pokhara – A Local’s Guide

I called Pokhara my home for quite a few months after initially falling in love with the city after returning from a month of trekking through the Annapurnas. One thing that I love about Pokhara is that there’s a variety of amazing food throughout the city, especially Lakeside. When I was living there, I had a homemade breakfast, but I loved spending my...

unexpected cooking: what to do near inle lake

Inle Lake is a place that some title “The Most Beautiful Place in Myanmar.” While I did find it beautiful, I found that once you saw the lake, you struggled with figuring out what to do. Here are the top moments of Inle Lake. First off, definitely take your boat trip. Inle is a big vast lake with plenty of life! Beware of the fisherman, who will strike...

What to Eat in Singapore: My Guide to Singapore's Best Dishes

Singapore is known for its cuisine. Every dish has flavors of India, China, and Malaysia within, creating a taste very much its own. Singapore’s rich diversity also brings influence from Thailand, the Middle East, and Indonesia. Food is part of the culture, so naturally, there are plenty of delicious dishes completely “Singaporean,” most of which you MUST try. Here...