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    Food Worth Travelling the World For

    If you know me, you definitely know I'm a foodie. What can I say? Food's the way to my heart! It's also one of my favourite things to explore when travelling- a cuisine shows you so much about a culture. Here are some foods that I've had whilst travelling that are DEFINITELY worth travelling the world for.

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    unexpected wanderlust: eating & drinking my way around the world

    I was recently looking through old photos and found that I take a ~helluva~ lot of the same kind of photo: holding a drink (or occasionally food), with the background in view. So obviously, I compiled them! Unexpected Wanderlust: Eating & Drinking My Way Around the World Chatachuk Market, Bangkok, Thailand Dovan, Annapurna Region, Nepal Pokhara, Nepal Bryant Park, New York Swayambunath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal Adirondacks, New York Amherst, MA, USA Bryant Park, New York City, USA La Boqueria, Barcelona, Spain M&M World, NYC, USA Nyuang Shwe, Myanmar Dhampus, Annapurna Region, Nepal NYC, USA Chomrong, Annapurna Region, Nepal Somewhere in the Andaman Sea, Krabi, Thailand Singapore, Singapore Phuket, Thailand Newport,…

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    unexpected eats: my favourite restaurants in pokhara

    As you guys definitely know by now, I am a MAJOR food lover. Last year, after returning from the Annapurna Circuit to Pokhara, I quickly learned that Pokhara was a little city that treasured food (at least Lakeside does!). I spent a little less than a week there, but dreamt of returning to my favourite places for yummy post-trekking food! Unfortunately, upon my arrival this time ’round, I learned that most of my favourite places had closed…. which meant I had to try new places! I found these restaurants through luck, recommendations, and chance, and they’ve become my favourite places! If you wanna get that Instagram Go to The Juicery Cafe! …

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    unexpected fitness: how to stay healthy while traveling

    When traveling, we often eat loads of local food; we don’t get that workout in; we let our healthy habits slip, because “we’re on holiday!” Being a part time nomad, living half of my time on the road, I have learned how to minimize the fluctuation in my weight and stay relatively healthy. Here are my tips on how to stay healthy while traveling. *DISCLAIMER* I am by no means a fitness professional. I am definitely not the MOST fit person (I still like to eat Brie and chocolate and fried chicken). I can’t guarantee that what works for ME will work for YOU. Also, if you don’t want to…

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    unexpected cooking: what to do near inle lake

    Inle Lake is a place that some title “The Most Beautiful Place in Myanmar.” While I did find it beautiful, I found that once you saw the lake, you struggled with figuring out what to do. Here are the top moments of Inle Lake. First off, definitely take your boat trip. Inle is a big vast lake with plenty of life! Beware of the fisherman, who will strike the classic “fishing post,” then ask you to cough up money. Enjoy the scenery, the tourist stops (they’re actually quite fun), and seeing everything the lake has to offer. At nighttime, the puppet show happens! Puppeteering is a lost art, so see it…

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    unexpected teatime

    I’ve been wanting to get to Myanmar for quite some time, however each time I’m about to hop on a plane and go, something happens and I end up somewhere else. Two tries later, I made it! Hello Myanmar! I was absolutely shocked when we first arrived in Yangon. For a developing country, one that has recently opened its doors to foreigners, the airport is beautiful! It wasn’t run down at all, and I quickly had to adjust my expectations for the country. We took a taxi to the train station, because we were actually heading out of Yangon that night. We then headed out to explore, carrying all of…