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Why You Should Stay in Seminyak on Your Next Trip to Bali

Heading to Bali? Seminyak is a beautiful part of the island to stay in. It’s relaxing, beautiful, and super convenient. Click here to find out more about this incredible town.

Bali is such a popular tourist destination. It has tonnes of beaches, luxury accommodation, and it’s relatively affordable. It’s a HUGE destination for Australians, as it’s a close getaway, however it’s popular amongst all travellers in Southeast Asia!

I have to be honest, Bali was NOT what I expected. I felt that it was incredibly touristy and definitely not reflecting how most of Indonesia is. That being said, I’d go again! I don’t think Bali is a great place for people who want to get a peek into Indonesian culture, but it is absolutely fantastic for relaxing and having a luxury holiday on a dime.

Villas in Seminyak

If you’re going to go luxury, Seminyak is a great place. There are incredible places to stay, but the area is super easily accessible. There are luxury private villas in Seminyak where you can relax in 5-star luxury, but Kuta is just along the coast, which means that you can get to the party area easily, too. The beaches in Seminyak are also incredible, and there are tonnes of beach clubs (Potato Head is very popular and I really enjoyed my day there).

If you’re REALLY looking for luxury, you can treat yourself to 24-hour butler service, and if you’re looking to splurge, you can hire your own private chef who will cook whatever you fancy. This kind of resort typically consists of up to ten private luxury villas, where your every whim is catered for. I recommend searching for these villas online to make sure you get a good deal (earlier bookies usually are cheaper!). It’s great to share a villa with a bunch of friends or family to reduce the cost per person. In high school, everyone went to Bali for Spring Break and there were some INCREDIBLE villas.

areal view photography of ocean

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Food, food, food!

Seminyak has some of the best food in Bali. There’s a wide variety of local and international restaurants in town, but the beachfront has some great bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a tasty brunch or sunset dinner. Seminyak also has some great veggie and vegan-friendly places. Nalu Bowls and Cafe Organic are super popular for acai and smoothie bowls (literally every girl who’s been to Bali will have instagrammed this).

Shopping for Unique Finds

Staying in Seminyak allows you to spend some time browsing the many exclusive boutiques and local handicraft stores that can be found in the backstreets. Whatever your style, there’s something for everyone. I LOVED looking at all of the boutique shops – the clothes were absolutely beautiful, and many were handmade. This is definitely the part of town to find some quality gifts for your friends and family back home.

Luxurious Spas

Staying in Seminyak allows you to experience the spa and wellness scene of Bali. Seminyak is the home to the more luxurious spas in Bali, and I recommend going here if you’re looking to treat yourself. If you like to party until the sun comes up, a spa is a great way to recharge the next morning. Anything can be an excuse to get a Balinese massage ๐Ÿ˜‰ Trust me, you’ll want to take full advantage of this!

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