• A Guide to An Independent Markha Valley Trek in 4 Days

    If you’re in the Indian region of Ladakh, you’ll probably hear about the Markha Valley. While there are loads of valleys that you can explore by taxi, van, or motorbike, the Markha Valley is currently only accessible by foot. This makes it one of the most popular trekking destinations in Ladakh. Here’s my Guide to an Independent Markha Valley Trek in 4 days! How to Get There & Away Getting There: Because the Markha Valley is only accessible by foot, you’ll have to get dropped off at the closest town, which is Chilling. You can take a bus here, though you’ll have a late start. Some trekkers we met didn’t…

  • The Ultimate Place to Stay if You LOVE Hiking

    If you're going to Tenerife only for the beach, you're selling yourself short! Tenerife has some absolutely incredible hiking destinations. This place is probably the ULTIMATE place to stay in Tenerife if you love hiking.

  • Unexpected Lake District

    The Lake District is the most visited park in the UK, and after going, I can see why! This place is beautiful AND home to the best brownie in the world!!!!

  • My Favourite Hiking Gear

    I've done a LOT of hiking and I can say that gear can really make or break a trek! I've learned to go for gear that I know and trust. Here are my ultimate favourites.

  • unexpected hikes: kunming’s western hills (xi shan)

    After a lovely weekend in Shangri La, we decided to spend the weekend in our home city- Kunming! Kunming is a wonderful, manageable-sized, charming city. There’s plenty in the city to check out (if you’d like a post on that, I can definitely do that), but we headed towards the mountains. Kunming is the home to the Western Hills (Xi Shan in Chinese). I was expecting a hike up to the top and a quick descent, but the area is actually really lovely to explore, and I highly recommend checking it out. You can take a series of cable cars and ski lifts up to the top of the mountain,…