• The Perfect One Week Tenerife Itinerary & Guide

    Tenerife absolutely blew me away. Climbing Spain's highest mountain was a great way to stay active and break up journeys in the car. I think we explored every corner of this island and it was the perfect way to spend a week. Whether you like hiking, sunbathing, or road trips, there's something in Tenerife for everyone.

  • The Ultimate Guide on How to Backpack Nepal

    Nepal is the country that stole my heart. I've visited a countless number of times, and I loved it so much I even moved here! I've created this monster guide to backpacking in this beautiful country to help you see as much of it as you can! Here's everything you need to know about backpacking Nepal (whether you're a trekker or not).

  • How to Travel Mongolia Without a Tour

    Mongolia remains one of my favourite travel destinations because it's so untouched. Because of it's vastness and little tourism, people are hesitant to go without a tour, but it's totally possible! Here are all of my tips for travelling to Mongolia without a tour.

  • How to Spend a Day in Bergamo, Italy

    Bergamo, Italy is such a charming little town, and it's absolutely worth a visit if you're in Milan. It's the perfect day trip destination with GREAT views, GREAT architecture, and GREAT food (polenta cakes yum). Here's how to spend the day in Bergamo.

  • What We Got Up to In Marrakech

    Morocco has been getting a lot of attention lately, and I wanted to see what the hype was about! I only had a couple days to make my way around Marrakech, so though this trip was short, it was so sweet! Here's what we got up to in Marrakech (with my recommendations!).