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10 Reasons Why Singapore is the BEST

Singapore is such an underrated little country! There are just about a million reasons why I love The Little Red Dot, but I narrowed it down to just a food. Hint: FOOD is one of them!

It’s multicultural

Singapore is a true melting pot. There are even four official languages (English, Mandarin, Tamil, and Malayu). You can find little influences of so many different cultures in every aspect of Singapore, whether that be the architecture or the food.

You can DEFINITELY find luxury

Singapore is luxurious. Marina Bay Sands and Raffles are some iconic hotels to stay at, and you can experience some incredibly fine dining in the Little Red Dot. If you’re looking to have a luxury vacation, look no further.

There’s a neighbourhood for everyone

Whatever mood you’re feeling, there’s a neighbourhood for it! Singapore’s neighbourhoods are all very different. Want to cafe hop? Go to Tiong Bahru. Looking for some great food? Chinatown or Little India. My favourite? Kampong Glam.

The food


Oh MAN, does Singapore know how to do food the right way.¬†Singaporean food is the pride of Singapore! It’s a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, and Indian food, with influences from Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia. It is AMAZING. Here are my favourite dishes.

I mean….

It’s Summer all year round

Singapore is HOT and HUMID. It’s always a good day for a dip in the pool. There’s always 12 hours of sunlight. The shortest day of the year and the longest day of the year only have a difference in the amount of sunlight of fewer than 20 minutes.

The nightlife

While going to a pub and/or a club in Singapore might be pricey, you’ll have a great time. Head out to Clarke Quay if you’re looking for bars and clubs, and Boat Quay if you’re looking for some good bars.

It’s safe


Singapore is SO safe, which makes it a great place for solo female travellers!

You’ll always be near greenery

No matter where you are in Singapore, you’ll always be near greenery. The city isn’t just full of skyscrapers; there are forests, parks, and lots of plants!

It’s the gateway to the rest of Asia

Changi Airport is my favourite airport ever. You can go to the butterfly garden, catch a movie, eat amazing food, or go shopping! Changi is consistently rated #1 airport in the world, and for good reason! And with reasonable flights to the rest of Asia, you’ll definitely get to see it!

Heading to Singapore? Here’s my ULTIMATE Guide to Singapore and my Singapore Bucket List.

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