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The Best Time to Go to Singapore

College has me feeling a little homesick lately, so I’m writing about it! How could I not miss passing through Little India, walking down Arab Street, or eating chicken rice at any hawker center?! Oh, and of course, Mom and Dad 😉
If I could plan a trip to Singapore during any time of the year, it would be now!!! Majulah Singapura! But what is the best of the best time to plan a trip to the Little Red Dot?

Turns out, every time of year is the best time of year!

There’s tons tons TONS to do in Singapore no matter what month you’re traveling in; the festivals being my favorite. Although there is “rainy” and “dry” season, when Singapore gets rain, it downpours for about 20 minutes, then lets up. It’s tropical rain, and it isn’t just limited to rainy season! Sometimes, it’s so stifling hot that the rain is welcomed with open arms (and closed umbrellas). The weather in Singapore is very similar from month to month, as we’re only one degree above the equator, so that shouldn’t really play a big factor in deciding when to visit.


January & February

January is a great time to visit Singapore, as it’s the ~coolest~ time of year to visit. By that, I mean that maybe instead of 32 degrees, it’ll only be 30.

New Year’s: No one knows how to ring in a new year like Singapore does! Clarke Quay’s bars and clubs are filled with the high rollers and others (like me) alike, dancing the night away and welcoming the new year with everything they’ve got.
St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival (Jan): Laneway is an indie-focused music festival with upcoming bands featured from primarily Australia and England, with the occasional Southeast Asian bands as well. A great way to spend a January day, soaking up the sun, eating some delicious food and drinking everything from water (stay hydrated) to cider to ginger-calamansi rum, and listening to some great music. Past artists include Flume, Banks, CHVRCHES, FKA Twigs, Grimes, Angus & Julia Stone, Mac DeMarco, Chet Faker, and so so so many more.
Chinese New Year: If you think Singapore brings in the calendar New Year well, just wait until you see us bringing in Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year is the celebration of the lunar new year. Singapore puts up giant lanterns and figures in the shape of whatever animal it’s the year of, and hong bao, or red envelopes, are given out by family and friends. Events line the streets all in celebration of ringing in the lunar new year. By far a favorite time in Singapore.
Thaipusam: Thaipusam is not for those squeamish or afraid of needles! It’s a Hindu festival celebrating the highest point of a star (Pusam) during the “Thai” month. People celebrating will honor the God of War and will drag burdens attached to needles through their skin! REAL devotion, I tell you.
Chingay Parade: Chingay Parade celebrates the Chinese Deities’ birthdays, however it’s become quite a multi-racial parade. Expect lots of dancing, singing, and an all-around good time!



Vesak (May): Vesak is the celebration of Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death. Although the streets don’t light up with festival-go-ers, the temples are especially nice to look at this time of year.
Hari Raya Puasa: The end of Ramadan is celebrated with Hari Raya! There’s tons of celebration in both Little India and Chinatown, with plenty of little events dotting the streets.
Dragonboat Races: Dragonboat races are incredibly interesting to watch. The boats themselves are absolutely stunning, and getting into the cheering and excitement is worth the trip out to the river.
National Day (August 9): National Day is possibly my favorite holiday to celebrate in Singapore. Singapore is a small country, but in just over fifty years, has risen to quite a significant one… and of course we have to celebrate that! Red and white lines the street, every hotel has some event going on, and Marina Bay is buzzing with activity (and fireworks!). Majulah Singapura!


F1: F1 is Singapore’s Grand Prix. Popular music artists come and preform, racecars zip near Marina Bay, there’s an amazing energy that fills the air during this time.
Hari Raya Haji: “The Sacrifice Feast” is celebrated by Muslims throughout Singapore, and like most other festivals, events line the streets. School is off on this day too, so it’s a bit more crowded than it normally would be!
Ultra Music Festival: Dance/EDM music.
Autumn Festival: Mooncakes galore! Chinatown is packed, but definitely worth a visit. Try all different kinds of mooncakes, from salted egg yolk to durian!


October, November & December

Diwali/Deepavali: A Hindu Festival signifying the triumph of light over darkness. A beautiful time to be in Singapore.
Zoukout: Zouk is one of the world’s top rated clubs, and it’s home is in the Little Red Dot! Every December, tons of people rush down to Siloso Beach to experience some wild dancing, drinking, and partying to top DJs!

During some national holidays, the Istana (President’s Official Residence and Office & working office of the Prime Minister) is open. It’s only open a couple times a year, so take advantage of it and see the beautiful grounds and gardens!


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