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Travel Bloggers Share: How to Explore Your Own Backyard

After big trips, I often feel some post-travel blues. Coming home and going back into a routine can seem boring, but it’s important to make your daily life just as exciting as your ‘travel life’. It’s easy to forget that our own hometowns often offer some amazing activities and sights – here are 6 travel bloggers telling YOU how to...

A Review of My Time at Keats Chinese School

I was so pleasantly surprised with how much I LOVED my time in China, and honestly, most of it came down to the school I studied at. I felt my language skills come together quickly, I saw parts of Kunming I would have never otherwise explored, and I made life long friends. Here's my experience.

Gap Year Overview

I decided to call an end to my gap year, as I’m starting university soooon and technically, my gap year should have ended about 4 weeks ago (around when I left last year). It’s been the most incredible year, and I’ve learned an insane amount during the past 12 months. I couldn’t be happier with how I chose to spend this year, and I feel incredibly blessed & lucky...