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Will I ever get better at this whole blogging thing?

Hi, friends. Oops, another year down between travel journal posts. At this point, I’m pretty settled down—looooonng gone are the days of measuring years in number of beds I’d slept in, but I am still counting nights in a tent. I live in San Francisco and absolutely love it here. The access to the outdoors is absolutely unreal and I have a wee community here that I love dearly.

Behind the blog

I made some changes to the blog today. Just little things… a new about photo, a few stylistic changes, things that would only be apparent if this site was your own. I don’t get up to blogging as much, but the past few years have certainly brought changes to this website and the kind of content I post, and I was excited about a little *refresh*.

It’s unreal to think I’ve been blogging for nearly 9 years. I started this thing in 2015 after graduating from high school, kept it up through gap years and college in another country, and quite a few moves. No matter how much time goes between new posts (as of late, it’s typically been months), I can’t see myself ever abandoning the blog completely. It’s my own personal diary/scrapbook/journal that hundreds of thousands of people visit each year, which is incredibly cool, very humbling, and also downright embarrassing.

New skills!

I’ve picked up three newish hobbies in the past few years, and it’s both intimidating and exciting to be new at something as an adult. My level of interest certainly ebbs and flows with each, but it’s nice to have them on rotation.


Holy heck this is so hard. I really envisioned myself posting up in beautiful piazzas or along turquoise lakesides with my watercolor sketchbook and travel watercolor palette in hand, but no. I have so much trouble with painting and putting what I see in front of me to paper. I have a lot of fun attempting to, though, so I’ll keep at it!


I know, how elitist.


Consistency really is the enemy here and I still struggle to call myself ‘a runner’, but I do really enjoy it. It’s really easy to get caught up in the gear and the bells and whistles, but I love that all you need is a pair of trainers that fit properly. Unfortunately I learned that I did not get the fit part right until I had lost a few toenails in Hawaii.

We went winter camping!

We decided to go to Zion National Park in February, which was surprisingly wonderful. The temperatures were pretty mild during the day, and at night, totally fine with a warm sleeping bag, quilt, and layers. What we weren’t expecting was the WIND—it started in the evening after we set up camped and cooked (which was a-okay because we were in our tent), but carried through to mid-morning, which was less than ideal. It was quite a cold start to the morning, but we had a great day in the park, learned lots about what we’d do the next time, and found the camping trip thoroughly worth it!

You can read more about that trip here.

What’s next for unexpected occurrence?

I’m excited to be back blogging more regularly! I’m also very excited to share more adventures on Instagram and for the upcoming backpacking season. I do see this blog pivoting from city guides to more outdoor-related content, as that’s what’s really been bringing me joy.

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