unexpected Wanderlust: The 9 Travel Instagrammers You NEED to be Following

Instagram is my favourite source of travel inspiration. Bright colours, great images, and inspiring captions can all be found here. Over my hours on social media, I found 8 accounts that never fail to inspire me. Here they are!

Annapurna Mellor

I came across Annapurna’s Instagram about two years ago and have been in love with her photos ever since. Her photos showcase the beauty of every location she shares with us- they’re consistently stunning, making her Instagram feed look like an art gallery.

Find her at @annapurnauna


Jayson Cortez

Jayson is always jetting off to places I can only dream of, and he delivers the most incredible images of people and their lifestyle. He’s recently been snapping photos of Dubai, Turkey, Nepal, and Central Asia (dreamy!).

Find him at @jaysoncortez002

IMG_1666 (1).jpg

Soul of Soraya

Soraya is always posting photos of beautiful destinations, outfits, and architecture. Not only does she make me want to travel to some seriously stunning places (Morrocco? Yes please!), she also makes me want to pack a full suitcase of seriously wonderful clothes.

Find her at @soulofsoraya


Wander Pip

Pip’s Instagram is full of some super lovely spots in Europe! She’s currently posting photos from Cinque Terre! Her feed is always full of pastels, colour, and of course, some serious wanderlust inspiration!

Find her at @wander_pip


 Gem & The Hobo

Gem’s adventures are always exciting and inspiring! She’s currently exploring Iloilo, and the photos are all beachy, fabulous, and seriously dreamy! If you need to be put into instant relaxation, just look at her feed!

Find her at @gemandthehobo


The MVMT Blog

The sisters behind the MVMT blog, Diana and Hope, have explored some beautiful places! Their photos always make me curious about the country they’re in, and the photos always have curiosity-building captions to match!

Find them at @themvmtblog


Love Chloe Jane

If you want any motivation to go to Australia, check out Chloe’s feed! Unreal sunsets, turquoise beaches, and adventures with friends fill this gal’s feed. Australia is a fantastic place, and Chloe’s instagram certainly shows it.

Find her at @lovechloejane


Nellie Trew

Nellie’s photos are absolutely stunning photos… My favourites are her portraits. They seem to tell a story and are full of vibrancy. She’s just returned from India, and the photos she’s sharing is making me so excited to explore the country!

Find her at @nellietrew



2 Baltic Navigators

Jessica & Fabio are some serious #couplegoals. Their explorations around the world are so dreamy! Their adventures around Europe (& the rest of the world) are exciting, beautiful, and so sweet!

Find them @2balticnavigators


While you’re on instagram (following those mentioned above!), make sure you’re following my adventures! @unexpectedoccurrence

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