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Hello, lovelies!
I thought I’d just update you guys on what I’ve been up to/what I will be up to come the next few weeks.
Today I started my morning at Whisk in Tiong Bahru. I ordered a fabulously refreshing iced mocha ($7.50), parked myself down at a table, and enjoyed the morning sipping on my coffee and writing.
After writing, I wandered to Somerset’s Typo and bought a day planner. I had been looking for an undated planner since I’ve really been needing a planner to organize my travels and plans, but I’m too late for a 2015 planner, and too early for a 2016 one. The planner I purchased can be found here. I found myself at the Orchard Central Library, a fabulous space to hang out and relax in, and spent an hour planning and writing some more.
At noonish, I met my lovely lovely mother at Marche for lunch. Since she had just gotten back from breakfast, she only had a sparkling water while I had a giant salad.
For those of you wondering what I was wearing today for my errands run, here’s my outfit.
The shoes are crocs (yes, seriously), the pants are custom made bell bottoms from Hoi An (you can email Ba Bi store to get the exact ones, just link her to this picture! or you can buy similar ones here), the shirt is from H&M, and the hat is from a small boutique in Singapore (similar one here).
Now for the exciting update!!!
The day after I came home from Vietnam, my parents brought up (what they considered) a crazy idea. What if I joined my dad on his business trip in Austria and Switzerland? I’d crash at his hotels with him, and backpack around to small towns near his conference areas. Of course I said yes! I’ll be flying out on Sunday and I’ll be in Europe for 3 weeks (ahh!). I found an Oman Air flight from Singapore to Munich, Germany for $530 USD. I have quite a long layover in Muscat, Oman, so I’ll venture out into the city before flying the rest of the way to Munich. I’ll be bringing my laptop with me, so you can expect many many blog posts as I bring you guys around central Europe with me.
I’m so excited for this upcoming adventure and so incredibly grateful to be able to experience so much during my gap year.
I’ll update you guys again soon!

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