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unexpected tips: iPhone travel photography

One thing not too many people know about me is that I love film photography. Seriously. I took a film photo class freshman year and haven’t looked back. Something about having total control over the exposure, contrast, and lighting in the darkroom calls out to me.
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to bring a film camera along on adventures, as the lenses, light meters, and film are just too heavy and bulky to fit into a tiny rucksack. Lack of film photography tools, however, does not stop me from snapping as many photos as I can!
The most convenient weapon of choice? An iPhone.
The lack of a heavy camera does not mean you’re a bad photographer. It is 100000% possible to take some amazing photos with a phone.
I am by no means a ~photographer,~ but here are my top tips for “travel photography” with an iPhone.

Tip 1: Keep your phone in reach

One of the best features of having a (pretty good quality) camera in your pocket is that you can whip it out at any given moment. Have your phone accessible so you can catch some easily-missed moments!

Tip 2: Use a camera app

As wonderful as the standard camera on your phone may be, using another app is great for more control. You can adjust the shutter speed, aperture, and overall quality of a photo by doing this.

Tip 3: Don’t zoom

Zooming often makes the photo really grainy. It’s better to take the photo and use an editing app (or just the photo editing in the photos app) to crop your photo.

Tip 4: Take multiple photos with different lighting settings

By holding a point on the camera screen and dragging your finger up or down, you can change the exposure of your shot. Take multiple photos with different exposures for more options.

Tip 5: Turn on HDR

I like to use HDR for sunrise and sunset shots, as well as when the lighting is not ideal. Sometimes it’ll clear up a photo just enough, but of course, good lighting is always the first choice.

Tip 6: Use burst mode

Press and hold the photo capture button, then select your favorite. This is also great for action shots!
I only took photos of New York with my phone this past weekend and I think they turned out pretty well! To see those, along with my ACTUAL travel photography, check out my instagram ( @unexpectedoccurrence ).

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