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unexpected tips: how to prepare for long haul flights (trip prep pt 3) + update

Hello Hello!
Today’s post is going to be a little bit everywhere, as I’ve got the third part of my planning series here as well as a big update, as the next few weeks are quite busy!
Here’s what’s in store-
As you’re reading this, I’ll be in the air, flying to reunite with Sophia, one of my closest friends. I haven’t seen her in fourteen months (14!!!), and London is our little reunion/getaway before school starts. If everything went as planned, I’ll have woken up bright and early this morning, at around 3:45am and flown through KL to London Heathrow. I haven’t been to London in 7 years, so it’s pretty much exploring a new city for me.

Leaving Singapore is weird. I’m leaving at a good time, a little sad and a little bit vulnerable, ready to be shaped by the adventures that come my way.

After our little adventure together ends on the 11th, Sophia and I will be splitting up and while she flies back to the US, I’ll be taking a short little flight out to Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ll only stay there for 2 days/3 nights, and then I’m off to Rome, where I meet my extended family (you’ll be introduced to them soon) for a 12 day cruise (for reasons which will be explained later).
We’re cruising from Rome to Barceolona, and there will be a post every stop of the way! Because I don’t want this cruising series to last 12 weeks or so after the London blogs go up, I’ll be posting 3 times a week from now to until I start school. The cruising series will last well into September, if not later, as I’m going to interrupt it with posts about starting university as well.
In the upcoming weeks, you can expect to see quite a bit of London, many brief day trip summaries (much like my destination posts), and quite a few unexpected occurrences.
Okay now back to the trip prep series! Here we go!

 How I Survive Long Haul Flights

Long haul flights are a pain. They’re exciting, but they’re a pain. Especially after living in both the USA and Singapore, and having to endure my fair share of 24 hr+ travels, I’ve figured out a way to make these as comfortable as possible.


Most flights I’ve been on have been absolutely frigid after take off, and then a handful have been absolutely boiling. My recommendation is to wear layers upon layers. I’ll usually wear comfy pants (leggings, joggers, etc.) and a tank top, and I’ll bring along a scarf and jacket! If I’m backpacking, I’ll wear my biggest shoes (to save space), but if not, I’ll wear comfy shoes that can be easily slipped on or off.

Bring Moisturizer

You hear about all of those beauty/travel bloggers and YouTubers bringing facemasks and makeup remover and “refreshing mist” on planes, treating their little tray table as a vanity, but I’ve never been able to do that. Maybe it’s just being self-conscious, or maybe it’s just that I couldn’t be bothered, but I’ve always liked simpler beauty regimens on flights. I like to just carry some hand sanitizer, some lip balm, and some face lotion. I find that combats the dry cabin air well enough, and when I arrive at my destination, I’ll pay more attention to my skin.

Bring Things to Do

Being bored on long haul flights are the worst!!! I’m a big reader and writer, so I’ll never leave for the airport without my journal, a couple pens, and a book/kindle/ebook. That’ll keep me entertained for a while, and if I do happen to get bored, I’ll take a look at the movies offered on board. If there aren’t any available, I’ll make sure I’ve got something downloaded to my phone.

Pack Some Medicine

Bring a painkiller, sleeping pills/melatonin, chewable Pepto-Bismol (my savior!), and either gum or mints (to help with ear popping during descent).

There’s no magical way to make long trips painless or exciting (if you’re in economy class), but those are the ways I make them slightly less uncomfortable. If you’re really dreading the flight, bring a guidebook on the destination; the excitement of being on your way should be enough to get you through the flight 🙂
I’ll write from London!!! xx

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