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unexpected tips: how to be productive while traveling

Whether you have to catch up on work from home, run some errands, or see 20 sights in just 3 days, we all know that while on holiday, we still have to be somewhat productive.

Holidays, long-term travel, and life on the road can really hinder your ability to be productive, but don’t worry, friends! I’ve got six tips that will help you be the most efficient, productive self!

Take care of yourself

It’s so important to get enough sleep, to eat your fruits and veggies, to get some exercise, and to drink enough water! While that can be tough while traveling, try your best to take care of yourself, whether that means paying slightly more for a sleeper train instead of a seat, walking instead of taking a bus, or buying loads of filtered water (try not to buy plastic!).


While I know things often don’t go to plan (I mean, my blog is UNEXPECTED occurrence), when you can, try to schedule out your day. By having a set plan, and following it, you’re minimizing the time spent deciding what to do, which is time that could be used to get stuff done! I find to-do lists really helpful as well.

Of course, don’t sacrifice experiences for your to-do list. Sometimes it’s good to let serendipity be your guide.

Get the hard stuff done in the morning

Most people are freshest and most productive a couple hours after waking up. Use this time to get the tasks you’re dreading out of the way, and enjoy the afternoon!

Work in places that will motivate you

Bring your laptop to a café to get your online work done. Enjoy people-watching and seeing the culture of the country you’re in pass by.

Mix work and play

Run errands and find points of interest nearby! If that means scheduling a task so that you can eat at a REALLY good restaurant afterwards, do it! Try to mix running errands with things that you’d like to see. It’s great if you can cross something off of your to-do list on your way to a sight/restaurant/activity.

Take breaks

While this may seem counter-intuitive, taking breaks is AWESOME for productivity. That being said, don’t take a half hour break after ten minutes of work. It’s good to take a 20 minute break after about two hours of work.

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  • Dr B

    I have read your post over and over, especially the sentence “Holidays, long-term travel, and life on the road can really hinder your ability to be productive” which seems to be a pair of diametrically opposed concepts or views! Psychologically the opposites of “productivity” are things like relaxation, chillin’, vacationing, escaping, unburdening, unwinding …. so preparing to be productive whilst on holiday just doesn’t seem to follow. But then what do two old retirees know 😂😂 I suppose we were young once!

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