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unexpected sydney

SYDNEY IS GREAT. There’s so much to do here and the weather has been wonderful and Jazi and I both have friends here and it’s been a really lovely time. We’ve really just been exploring all of the tourist sites and around because we can’t seem to fit those AND not so touristy things into our stay here!
Our first day we spent round the CBD, Opera House, and royal botanic gardens, which was a really lowkey but wonderful day. We decided to have a very relaxed & slow day because neither of us slept too well on the 15 hour overnight bus. We also checked out The Rocks and the contemporary art museum.

Our next day was really fabulous! The morning started out seeing my dear friend, Adelaide, who I went to middle school with and haven’t seen since! We took some toasted pear bread and coffee to Hyde Park and caught up on almost 8 years of not seeing each other and then watched a man blow giant bubbles near the fountain. It was so unreal seeing her, but so so so incredible. In the afternoon, Jazi and I went to Red Leaf Beach to catch up with her friend, Anna, and we spent the day laying in the sand and jumping in the water (only once, the ocean was cold). After that, we took the bus down to The Rocks again and ate dinner there, then went to Darling Harbour to watch the Saturday night fireworks, which were beautiful.


Day 3: another happy day! Jazi and I had to switch hostels, and coincidentally, we ran into my friend Sebastiaan in the train station! The three of us decided to take the train to the Blue Mountains for some Valentine’s Day exploring. 2 hours later, we were there! We all walked to Echo Point and along the trail to see the three sisters, but after that, Jazi decided to go into town and get an iced tea to cool herself off (it was 34 degrees out!). Sebastiaan and I decided to go down further into the valley and after wandering around, turned around. The walk back up was tough- steep stairs and nothing but! We met Jazi in the town, Katoomba, and took the train home. Later that night, around 11, we went to Darling Harbour once again and grabbed raspberry white chocolate muffins and moscato (not a good combination).

Monday was Manly Day! We spent the day soaking up the sun at Manly beach. The ferry on the way over is half the fun! The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to see the surfers all lined up in the water, waiting for the next wave. We stayed until dark, and the ferry back gave us the best view of the Opera House all lit up!

Our last days in each city have always been wonderful, and Sydney was no exception. We headed over to Bondi Beach and did the cliff walk, which was full of the most stunning views. We ate some yummy Thai food for dinner and mango sticky rice for dessert (prepping ourselves for our SEA trip) and had a wonderful time talking and laughing with our hostel mates. We ended up staying up pretty late and only got 3.5 hours of sleep before an early morning flight to Melbourne. I could go on about that flight already, but you’ll hear about it soon enough xx.


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