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As 2017 creeps up on us, I, along with many others, have created a list of resolutions. Yeah, there are plenty of typical “eat healthier” and “be a kinder person” resolutions, but I thought maybe creating a list of 2017 TRAVEL related resolutions would also be pretty neat.

I only have a couple resolutions on this list, but I feel that they’re very important for me to remember.

Be truly PRESENT when traveling.

I often find myself traveling and still getting incredibly involved in the countries outside of where I am. While I do feel that countries are incredibly interconnected, I feel like I should start trying to put full focus on wherever I am. This is especially challenging with a blog, as writing online and posting daily on social media is basically my job! But hey, I’ve never backed down from a challenge 😉

Read more travel writing!

Books, magazines, memoirs! Everything and anything that will inspire you to get out there and have adventures like no other.

Write deeper, even if that means writing less.

I strive to post twice a week on my blog and to write daily, but often quality gets pushed aside. When I need to post something on the blog, I’ll post whatever I have. Throughout 2017, I’m going to try REALLY hard to write better posts twice a week, but if I feel a post just isn’t fully thought out, I’ll skip a post in order to write stuff you guys actually want to read.

Adventure instead of travel.

I interchange these words a lot, but travel and adventure have very different meanings to me. To travel is to physically go from one place to another. To adventure is to challenge oneself and see the world in a new light.

What are your resolutions?


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    • Margot Yu

      Your definition of traveling and adventure really made me think. You r so right! Many time we just travel and not absorb the adventure of the trip. Thx Anya

  • KuminKueche

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    Much Love❤
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