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unexpected repatriation

Repatriating to the US has definitely highlighted my love for the world.
I landed in Boston on the evening of the 29th and immediately went to my old fencing club to say hi to my old coach. As soon as I got to hug him, I was teary- going back to the familiar made me remember how much I had loved my life in Boston.
Sometimes an absence from the things you love only makes you love them more.
That definitely includes food. I’ve been eating loads of whatever I couldn’t get in Singapore- Cheez-its are the main culprit. The freshman 15 may soon turn into the freshman 50, so time to start hitting the gym!!! People repatriating – YOUR HOME COUNTRY’S FOOD IS DANGEROUS WHEN YOU HAVEN’T HAD IT IN YEARS.
Another thing about the food- the stereotype that American portions are huge is 100% true!!! My mom and I got lunch servings that lasted us three meals.
Going back to your home soil definitely shows you that some stereotypes are true.
It also teaches you to love your foreign home country even more. Plenty of expat wives (and although I’m not a wife, I feel this) get a little repatriation depression. Going back to normal life is the end of a wonderful time abroad; there’s a culture shock and sadness associated with it.
Singapore is beautiful and clean and busy! Singapore is wonderfully diverse and open minded! There’s a lot that I’ve been exposed to as a result of living abroad; I didn’t realise that until coming back to America. I just ate dinner at a Tibetan restaurant and the family behind me was just APPALLED at the restaurant serving yak meat, whereas to me, it was quite comforting.
Repatriating gives you a double view of everything you thing you know. Coming back has been pretty overwhelming, but I remember why I love Singapore and why I love America. It’s a wonderfully strange experience, one that, in addition to college, will make a wonderful next few years.

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