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unexpected reads: The Beach

I love books. Even before I could read, I’d recite books read to me. I bring books on all of my travels and don’t mind the extra weight they take up.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to read for pleasure as much as I’d like to. It’s actually a resolution of mine to read more.

What better way to get myself into the reading habit than by starting a blog series on travel books?

Every once in a while, I’ll be postingĀ & introducing you to new books that I’ve found a liking to!

First book, here we go!


The Beach by Alex Garland

Where I got it:

I picked this up from a free book shelf in Singapore.

What it’s about:

A man traveling in Thailand is given a map to a mysterious, utopian, untouched beach by another character, who ends up committing suicide. Naturally, the guy goes to find this place.

Why I got it:

I have been to Maya Bay, the movie location for the infamous beach in the novel. I thought that maybe being able to picture the setting would connect me to the novel.

Where I read it:

I read this book on a plane from Singapore to London, and finished it in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What I liked:

I liked how this book brought up the ideas of insanity and facade over perfection. It makes you think of points of debate over shelter. Overall, I found this incredibly compelling.


Heck yes! It’s an easy read but I found myself thinking about it days after I had finished it!

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