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unexpected reading, removing, & resting

I’m currently sitting at a cafe at 9:15 am, drinking a GIANT iced green tea, trying to revive myself from a sleepless night out. I could’ve slept in, sure, but the excitement for my upcoming travels had me up and ready to get going!
Whenever I’m in the process of planning a trip (or have some serious wanderlust), I head on over to the National Library @ Orchard. Or any library really. But that’s besides the point. I find that collecting all of the travel guides written on my destination of choice gets me really keen to fly on over (or train, or bus, or sail)!
Come February, I’ll be starting Part 4 (?!) of my gap year with Jazi!!! Jazi is one of my closest friends from Massachusetts, and we’ll be spending somewhere around 15 weeks exploring together! Jazi also has an amazing blog about her travels in New York, London, and most recently New Zealand, that you should definitely check out here.
We’ll be starting our 15 or so week Southeast adventure together in Australia, exploring the Southeast coast (duh). After that, we head onto Southeast Asia for some serious backpacking adventures. Right now, I’m trying to stay focused on just Australia, but that’s nearly impossible to do since I’m so excited for our entire trip!
After jotting down pages of notes in a slightly beat up journal, I headed over to the American Club to meet my mom so we could cab to a family lunch together. I’ve found myself trying to spend much more time with my mom, dad, and sister, recently, as I realize that pretty soon, I’m leaving. I’ve recently read an article (read it here) about how many winters left you have, how many Bruins Games or times eating pizza you have left in your life. It’s crazy how short our lives are. What’s even more insane is how little time we have left with those we love. The author of the article only had 5% of his time left with his parents after leaving his home for college. WHAT IF I ONLY HAVE 5% OF MY TIME LEFT WITH MY MOM AND DAD?! And he only had 15% left with his sisters. I cannot imagine only having 15% of my future reserved to spending time with Montserrat. I highly recommend reading the article. It really puts things into perspective.
My family and I ate at Chop Suey, a really delicious and nice little restaurant in Dempsey Hill, and after eating (and chatting for 3 hours!!! Where does time go?), we went to a little shopping mall. It was really wonderful to see these relatives, who I hadn’t met prior to moving to Singapore, and I’m really sad to be leaving Singapore, where I won’t have these little reunions to look forward to.
The next day was horrible. I spent the day getting two of my lovely wisdom teeth taken out. By the end of the appointment, I was shaking and sweating and in tears. But it was my first surgery and my first time with stitches, so I can cross that off the list.
Because I am now stuck inside of my house (both because I still hurt and because I’m vain and don’t want people seeing my bruised and very swollen face), I have an endless amount of time to plan my trip. And I’ve also started the series, Jane the Virgin, on Netflix. AND I GET TO EAT BEN & JERRY’S (I’ve already polished off a pint oops). Gotta look on the bright side of things, right?

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