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unexpected rants: lust & insanity

Travel has literally made me go insane.

Because of travel, I am a completely changed person. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the constant uncertainty and spontaneity that travel brings to daily life, and I’m just longing to go back to nomadic days.
The wanderlust is so real. I’m currently lusting over South America, India, Central Asia, and Iran.

photo by Douglas Scortegagna

I’ll probably be able to check off South America during my college years. I’ll be working and traveling during all school breaks and summers, taking advantage of the US’s relatively close proximity to South America. The main expense will be flights, but after that, travel in South America should be cheap, especially since I’m planning on trekking nearly half the time I’m there.
I’m just imagining waking up and being absolutely freezing and a little short of breath, and then opening my tent to a beautiful view of rocks and mountains. Maybe not everybody’s cup of tea, but certainly mine. Eating, hiking, sleeping, and repeating sounds like my heaven. Even with only trail food.
photo by Dennis Jarvis

India is wild. I just have to explore it. Ultimately, I’d love to tuk tuk across it.
Photo by Thomas Depenbusch

Central Asia is so unexplored, which is why I’m utterly obsessed with going there. I don’t want another trip full of classic backpacker spots like Thailand or Italy, I want something that I am totally unprepared for. I want a challenge. I want to go to a place that will sweep me off my feet and toss me straight into the thick of things. I’m determined to find that in Central Asia. There’s something in the Stan’s that I just need to find.
Again, trekking is a big draw to Central Asia. I’m ready to get moving!!! Along with trekking comes the difference in culture. I’m relatively used to European culture, and quite familiar with some Southeast Asian culture, but Central Asian? A totally different ball game that I just must to learn to play (although I’ll admit, I’m terrified of trying kumis… that’s fermented mare’s milk).
photo by Hamed Saber

Iran is a tricky one, which I think is why I’m so keen to go. It’s unattainable. As an American, I have to explore through a tour guide, which is something I’m frankly not interested in. I dream of wandering through Tehran and exploring small cities and unknown paradises on my own. What’s the fun if someone is taking you to the places you’re destined to find on your own?
My wanderlust for Iran is so strong that I’ve literally spent hours upon hours researching how I can get a dual citizenship, how I can learn a language ASAP and move to a country as soon as I’ve become more or less fluent in their mother tongue. That way will take me at least 5 years at the shortest.
I’ve decided I’ll just have to marry some foreign guy (any takers? …I’m only half joking) and steal their citizenship… Psychotic, I know, but “rational” in my mind.
Travel has turned me into a crazy madwoman, set on making things difficult and crazy and totally serendipitous.
I am obsessed with wanderlusting. Is that a verb? It should be.
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