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unexpected penang

Penang, Malaysia is filled with creativity in the most unexpected places. Beautiful street art graces dingy alleyways, restaurants all have their own personalities… the entire island is a photographer’s dream, with every corner holding a potential shot.

  Last Christmas, we came to Georgetown, Penang, and loved it so much that we decided to scurry back this year! I had forgotten how much I loved Penang until I got here and was immediately blown away with the unique finds I had failed to remember.

Let me tell you, the food here is incredible. Georgetown is the epitome of a “foodie heaven.”
We arrived late on Christmas Eve, so instead of finding a new restaurant to rave about, we went back to an oldie but goodie: China House. If you’re in Georgetown, you MUST try the China House cakes. Their savory food is fantastic as well, but the cakes blow everything else out of the water.

Full, happy, and sleepy, the fam and I headed to our hotel, the Chulia Heritage Hotel. It’s beautifully decorated with crisp white walls, floors, and furniture. There are two options when staying at this hotel, staying on the first floor, with your own bathroom, or staying upstairs, where you have to share bathrooms with your floormates. We opted for the latter, and the shared bathrooms are not like any Southeast Asian hostel I’ve been in; nothing to fear, they’re gorgeous!

Our Christmas weekend was spent exploring the streets, eating yummy food, wandering around the jetties, and enjoying the creativity Penang had to share. I hope you had a very merry Christmas, and best wishes going into the new year.
Cheers (& see ya next year!),
Anya xx

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