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What to Wear & Pack for a Day Hike

Ever get lost deciding what to wear when going on a day hike? What about what to pack? To bring an extra pair of socks or to not?

Don’t fret, my friends! This is my tried and true method of getting dressed for a day of hiking, and ***Bonus*** my packing list!

What to wear on a day hike

Let’s start top to bottom, shall we?

If it’s cold out, I’ll bring a beanie. If it’s sunny, I’ll bring a hat. If it’s not particularly any of those, I’ll skip out.

I have a fleece that I love to wear hiking. It keeps me warm but is also quite breathable.

Under that, I’ll wear a short sleeve shirt hiking. I don’t really like hiking in long sleeves, but long sleeve shirts are great for keeping you warm and for blocking UV rays.

Trekking pants are a great option if you’re going on an unmarked or rugged trail, but if you’re hiking a popular trail, leggings will be just fine. The reason hiking/trekking pants are so great is that they offer a little more protection.

I’ll always always always wear wool socks, no matter the temperature. I’m a huge fan of wool because it keeps your feet dry, warm in the cold, and cool in the hot weather.

I really like my hiking boots (Lowa Renegade GTX mid boots), but if it’s a short or easy hike, sneakers work just fine.

What I wear Hiking

What to pack in your daybag

  • water
  • snacks- easy to carry. Think nuts, trail mix, granola bars…
  • bandaids (just a couple!)
  • painkillers (just one or two doses!)
  • my jacket
  • raincoat

That’s it! It’s always nice to pack light, but it’s also quite important to be prepared if you’re going somewhere a little more off the grid. What do you guys pack?

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