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unexpected nights in boston

What a day. A quick 6 hour Thursday night trip into Boston quickly turned to 26 hour trip, but absolutely no complaints.
When being spontaneous, only wonderful things come from it!
Thursday night was the first of the RED SOX V YANKEES games, and earlier that week, my three friends, Sarah, Emma, and Faryal, and I decided to buy tickets!
No better a way to ring in our year in Massachusetts, right? We decided to hire a zipcar to drive down to Fenway, but Thursday rolled around, and we still hadn’t received the zipcard, so we rented a car. We made sure to look at the terms to ensure that we could rent the car at 18 years old, and then we booked it for later that day.
At 4pm, directly after class let out, we met and ubered over to the rental car place, only to be told that we needed 1) a credit card under the driver’s name (we only had a debit card) and 2) to be 25 years old. We showed them the internet page that said we only had to be 18, but we still weren’t allowed to rent the car.
So we decided to call another Uber to take us to Boston. Luckily, it wasn’t expensive (the same price as the bus!), and we had arrived at Fenway. Our Uber driver was an… interesting man, but he got us to Fenway for the game!
Unfortunately, by the time we were in Boston, we realised that the Uber surcharge for the same night would be 3x as expensive as the way there, so we were stuck in Boston for the night.
I frantically called some friends who offered us places to stay (THANK YOU ANGIE AND JESSE) and we watched the game. The Red Sox were losing terribly but made an INCREDIBLE comeback (a TRIPLE home run!) during the last inning. I was ecstatic. A perfect game!

After a little confusion about where we were going to stay, we ended up walking to Jesse’s apartment with his roommate and his friends.
Jesse had class the next day, so he went to study while Justin showed us around the Northeastern Campus (which is beautiful). When we got back to the apartment, we met Justin, Andrew, Kevin, and Phillip, who were the most wonderful humans!
Justin had guests over, so all of the guests (and Andrew) slept in the living room! Everyone who didn’t have early morning classes stayed up, attempted to microwave cinnamon rolls, and chatted until 3am, when we crashed for the night.
At around 8am, we went out for some breakfast and exploring! Everyone but Faryal, Sarah, Andrew and I had classes, so the four of us went exploring.

I had forgotten how much I loved exploring the city, wandering around and enjoying life with friends. Andrew had a 1pm class and Jesse finished his class, so they swapped places.
At 4pm, we took a Peter Pan bus back to South Hadley, absolutely blown away by the kindness we had received by new friends.

Thank you thank you Jesse, Andrew, Kevin, Justin, Brandon, Phillip, and Mike for the wonderful time in Boston! And thank you thank you thank you to Jesse, Andrew, Kevin, Justin, and Phillip for letting us crash at your place so unexpectedly (and for showing us around!); we appreciate it more than we could ever put into words! <3 <3 <3

Most photos are from friends, as my phone died, so thank you friends!!! 


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