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Today was a day for the books.
I woke up and headed straight for Copenhagen Central Station. I didn’t find the English ticket machine, so I guessed my way around the Danish screen and somehow bought a ticket to Malmö, Sweden.

Just an hour later, I was in a totally different country with a totally different vibe!
I didn’t really do any research last night, so I hopped off the train and stepped out of the station, then realised I had no idea where to go. I started walking and luckily, found myself right in the heart of the shopping district. Deciding I didn’t want to have another unplanned day like Zurich, I quickly stopped off at The Coffee Factory, ordered a Chai latte, and started googling and planning my day.
I figured out some things to see and took my chai with me, walking into the Kungsparken, King’s Park. It was absolutely beautiful, so beautiful that I couldn’t help but stop and read and write for nearly an hour. I decided that today was going to be a wellness day, seeing that it was the last day that I could actually have some time alone before school starts.

I found a windmill (Slottsmöllen), which I thought was the sight I wanted to see (it wasn’t), then, I walked to a little art museum, the Malmö Kunsthall. It was small, but I really liked the art inside it.

I then started walking towards the sea. I wanted to see the bridge that connects Denmark to Sweden.
Instead, I stumbled upon a bathhouse. I quickly googled it, trying to figure out what it actually was… It’s a nude bathhouse. I was intrigued, but I wasn’t going to go in… Was I?
I shook the thought out of my head, but it came back, so I sat down on a park bench near the pier that led to the bathhouse and people watched. If the people were weird looking, I wouldn’t go. If they were normal looking, I would. Decided.
I didn’t see anyone go in, so I put on my big girl pants and decided to just do it. Before I even knew what was happening, I had paid for entrance and a towel rental.
I stepped through the women’s door and was immediately greeted by the sight of five naked women. There were about 60 doors, and frankly, I had no idea what to do. I opened one of the little doors and found that it was a changing room. There was a big glass window in the door, and as I was about to strip, I saw a clothed woman walk into a big room. I figured that was probably where I needed to go, so I followed her.
I don’t know what those little changing rooms are, because after following her, I found the REAL changing rooms. I very uncomfortably stripped down to absolutely nothing, then showered off because I still didn’t know what I was doing. The showers don’t have doors. They’re very much out in the open. I toweled off and tried to hide my body with the towel, then walked into the sauna, which was VERY HOT.
Women of all shapes and sizes were sprawled about, leaving NOTHING to the imagination. I very timidly sat down and unfolded my towel, completely exposed. Just as I was starting to feel normal and not so scared of nakedness, a group of BEAUTIFUL Swedish girls walked in. They looked like Victoria’s Secret angels and I expected my confidence to plummet.
BUT IT DIDN’T. No one really looked twice at the girls, no one was looking twice at me. No one was afraid of the human body. I then realised that no one cared what shape you were in, as we were all at the baths for the same reason: wellness. After that, I didn’t even bother covering myself with a towel.
After sweating all fluid from my body out, I decided to go outside. It was cold. I took a dip into the Baltic Sea. BUTT NAKED. It was freezing. On the way out of the sea, I saw a baby otter!!! Unfortunately there are no pictures of the baby; it seemed inappropriate to have my phone/take photos.
I repeated the hot sauna/cold sea ordeal about four times, and after feeling totally relaxed, decided to go back out and see the city.

bye bathhouse

On my way back to the main town, where I was planning on grabbing food, but instead, I found myself at the castle I wanted to see in the Kungsparken! Because 19 & unders are free, I decided to hop in.
The castle/museum (Malmo Konstmuseum)  was full of all sorts of things- from art of all styles to old castle artifacts. Definitely a cool little visit.

I started walking back to the train station, but got a little caught up in the Malmö Festival! It’s a super lively time of the year to visit Malmö, apparently, and I loved the hype!
I’m back in Copenhagen now, but tomorrow morning I leave for Rome! By the time you read this, however, I’ll be on a boat somewhere in the ocean.

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