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unexpected london: punk & rock

I think our first two days in London were a little bit off, as both Sophia and I were jetlagged and a bit unsure of what to do and how to best explore London. Days three and four have been absolutely wonderful!

Wednesday (day 3) was dedicated to the punk of Camden! Camden is a borough in London most well known for its out-there shopping and entertainment.

Sophia and I just grabbed a quick breakfast at Viva Acai near the Gloucester Road Tube station. It took a while for the acai bowls to be made, but the woman there was very chatty and friendly, and the acai, although simple, was really quite delicious.

After arriving in Camden, Sophia and I walked around and explored. Sophia ended up getting her second (ear) piercings- what better a place than Camden?! I fell in love with the vibe and energy this borough had and I know we’ll be returning again. We spent hours just wandering ’round the stalls and through stores and markets, soaking up the eccentric surroundings.


We walked back to our place, stopping for bubz (bubble tea because we miss Asia!!!) and Korean food on Kingly Street. We ate at Jinjuu and were extremely satisfied with their food. It was absolutely delicious, definitely recommend.
My salad – VERY YUM

Soph and her bibimbap

We walked back to our hotel and crashed early, as Thursday we were in for a long day of sightseeing.

Thursday was our rock day…. We visited STONEhenge and Bath! 

We woke up at 8 and were out of the hotel by 8:30 for a tour pickup. After waiting about an hour to actually board the tour bus, Sophia and I (and 50 other people) were driving towards Bath!
I’m not usually a fan of giant group tours (when traveling with others), but the train to Salisbury was around 35 quid each way, and the bus to Stonehenge was another 20 pounds or so, so it was actually cheaper to take the tour… PLUS we got to see Bath and get transport in and out of London.
Bath was a lovely little town. I found the Roman baths quite interesting, as I had studied Roman baths during my time studying Latin, but the town itself was absolutely adorable! We had some free time to wander around, which we spend aimlessly wandering through the cobblestone streets and alleys.

note that I am standing on a tall stone

We hopped back onto the bus and drove to Stonehenge, where we were given time to wander round the sight! Stonehenge was pretty incredible and I’m really glad we saw it. Some people argue that it’s just a bunch of stacked rocks, and well, yeah, that’s true, but I still thought it was worth the trip. It’s the kind of sight you always see in textbooks and documentaries, and seeing it in person is totally different- much more special in my opinion 🙂
I’m falling in love with England more and more each day (even with it’s gloomy weather).

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