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unexpected london: picnics and palaces

After a night of eating pizza at midnight and drinking prosecco in bed, Sophia and I had a bit of a late start and headed out for lunch! Since before heading to London, I found a little takeaway food chain that I just knew I had to try, so we took the Tube to Moorgate and walked to Protein Haus. We bought our food and walked over to Pottersfield Park and had a little picnic lunch.

I bought a little packed meal of salmon, quinoa, and broccoli, as well as a Mars Protein Bar and a Snickers Protein Bar (because how cool?!). Sophia bought two protein shakes and a vegan salad. We both agreed that protein shakes were the stars of the show. They were absolutely fabulous. I really liked how each meal and shake’s macros were displayed on the label. Also, I’ve only tried the protein Snickers bar, but I have high hopes for the Mars Protein Bar because the Snickers WAS DELICIOUS.


After eating lunch, Soph and I walked to a big shopping area and wandered around until dinnertime. We ended up at Balls & Co., which was absolutely fantastic. Their menu is simple, but everything we tried was amazing. I had the salmon balls and pesto, along with fresh market greens. Sophia had the chicken balls with pesto and spaghetti, which she absolutely loved.


We stopped for a sneaky gelato to walk home with, then turned in for the night!
The next day, Soph and I woke up and headed out for some foooood! We went to Borough Market for brunch… It took a bit longer to get there than anticipated, so brunch turned into lunch.

We had some amazing burgers with bacon jam, fresh gouda, and caramelized onions, and we washed that down with Sangria. An absolutely amazing meal.

It was a lovely, clear, sunny day, so we went to Greenwich. We went with the intention of seeing the prime meridian, but they wanted ten quid and an hour of our time (the wait time) to stand on the line. All I could think was how that was a whole DAY of exploration in Southeast Asia or Nepal, and ultimately, couldn’t justify seeing the prime meridian. We SAW it, we just didn’t stand on it.
Instead, we took advantage of the prime weather and laid in the park just under the Old Royal Observatory. It was great to see tons of families, couples, and friends enjoying the sunshine.

After lazing around and getting our daily dose of vitamin D, Sophia and I decided to head back to Camden… We had fallen in love with it and just couldn’t get enough! We wandered around loads and then walked (almost) back to our hotel.
The next day, Sophia and I had an early start and headed to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. Man… get there early guys. We were there nearly an hour and a half before the actual event (11:30 is the start time) and our standing place was mediocre. If you’re a shortie like me, get there REALLY early. As you can see, most of my pictures feature a bunch of really tall people obstructing the view. Despite that, seeing the changing was a super touristy, super lovely little way to start our day.

After that, Sophia and I decided to get some lunch. We got some really incredible avocado toast at Le Pain Quotidien.

From the restaurant, we went over to the Tate Modern. I absolutely fell in love with the art on display there. It was totally my kind of art and I vibed with it and ugh LOVED IT. I also saw some posters for art that I had seen at the Pompidou last summer, which brought back some very fond memories.

After the Tate Modern, Soph & I walked around for ages ages ages and then grabbed some Mexican food for dinner. We then walked back to our hotel, making for a total of over 7 miles walked today. Not too shabby!
Only a couple more London posts, guys! Get ready for Copenhagen and other destinations after 🙂

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