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unexpected krabi 

Jazi and I took a three hour ferry from Phuket to Krabi. We woke up early for our 8:30 ferry and went to the pier, where we bought the tickets. Most people asked for about 1000 baht, but if you go to the Ao Nang travel company or something, you’ll only pay 700. The boat goes from Phuket to Railay (transfers to Koh Lanta here) to Ao Nang to Krabi. Jazi and I got off at Ao Nang and got a tuk tuk to our hostel. The tuk tuks here are different than the Phuket ones. They’re motorbikes with side cars in Krabi, but you can also find the nice touristy truck ones like in Phuket. Our hostel was maybe 25 minutes away from Ao Nang town (walking). We scoped it out and ended up getting Thai massages hehe, and then walked back to the hostel, relaxed and sleepy, stopping for mango sticky rice AND rotis (oops). I also had a soup, which they told me was made “Thai style.” I think I lost some taste buds, it was the spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten.

Day 2: Jazi and I had a hostel mate who was telling us about a quiet beach accessible from Ao Nang town, so we tried to find it! We walked into town, and if you go left down the pedestrian only street along the beach, all the way until the end, you’ll find some stairs and wooden slat path. If you find it, follow it! The path is called the monkey path, and around 1pm every day, the monkeys will emerge and walk everywhere around the path. I got jumped on twice, and a monkey stole Jazi’s matcha Oreos. We followed the path until the end, where we found ourselves at a resort. You can stay on the beach of the resort for free if you sign in, so that’s what we did. We had a really nice time at that little bay beach. It was super peaceful and quiet, really gorgeous.
When we got hungry, we ventured back into town, then walked back to our hostel just in time- it had started to rain. After the rain subsided, we took the public bus to the Krabi night market. We thought we had missed the stop because we were driving so long! Turns out, Krabi is a lot farther than we anticipated. The night market was worth the wait, though! There were bunches of stalls and performances. Jazi and I got pad Thai wrapped in an egg omelette and sat down right when the karaoke ended, just in time for a breakdancing group to hop on stage. The kids were from about 8 years old to 16, and they were adorable and really talented. They were all really supportive of each other and it was a really lovely thing to watch. We took the bus back at 9:30ish and got back around 11.        


Day 3: Our last day in Krabi was THE BEST. My friend/basically sister has a boat, and her family was so so lovely and generous and invited us on it for a tour. We met the rest of the group at the pier, and then headed into a longtail boat to get to The Merdeka (the boat). Our day was spend at Maya Bay and monkey beach, snorkeling and swimming around, as well as on board the boat, soaking in the sun and absolutely stunning views. Everyone on board was absolutely so wonderful to Jazi and me. They certainly made the trip unforgettable (and the views didn’t hurt either). You can find out more about the boat at and plan your own trip. It really is absolutely incredible.
And thus concludes our trip in Krabi! The next day we headed out to Bangkok, expect another post soon!

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