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unexpected krabi: monkey path and a private beach?!

Early last year, I posted unexpected krabi. That was posted when this blog was more of a “hey follow me on my gap year” sort of thing. I mentioned monkey path and a resort beach, and I thought it would be helpful to go a little more in depth on those.

f1000021Getting to a Resort Beach via Monkey Path

When in Ao Nang, facing the water, walk left until you hit the pedestrian-only street.

This is going the opposite direction of Ao Nang Pier and towards all of the longtail boats for hire.

This will be on your right hand side. Continue walking.

Continue walking through the pedestrian walkway until you hit bars on the sand. Keep walking and you’ll find a wooden path. This wooden path is monkey path.

The beginning of the path

There are quite a few stairs but the path itself is not too long.

At around 12:30pm every day, a bunch of monkeys will climb down the path. They WILL jump on you and try to steal your belongings, so leave all food at home, and put sunglasses and hats in your bag.


At the end of monkey path, you’ll come to a private, resort-owned beach. There will be a guard at a table. If you sign in with him, you’ll be able to access the beach for free. The water is warm, clean, and WAAAYYYY emptier than any of the public Ao Nang Beaches.

Highly recommend having a beach day here.






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