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unexpected kindness: taiyuan, china

My way out of Kunming took a string of flights and trains. The first leg was Kunming to Taiyuan. My flight arrived at 9 pm, and I wouldn’t leave until 11 pm the next day. So I booked a hostel (use my affiliate link here!) and thought nothing of it.

The flight went smoothly, and upon arrival, I took a taxi to my hostel. I’d been told it was inside another building, so I got dropped off at the closest intersection. I entered the series of buildings maps told me it was in and just COULD NOT find it.

I went back out and asked a security guard if he knew the directions (honestly bless my 2 months of language study), and he didn’t know of any hostel near there. So we both used our phones to try to find out where this hostel could be. Mine showed that it was supposedly directly in front of us; his map showed the hostel was a 20-minute drive away.

I thought we HAD to be looking at different hostels… the description given in the hostel bio aligned with my maps. The security guard called the hostel for me and confirmed it was in fact, 20 minutes away.

At this point, I wanted to give up and find a different hostel, but the security guard INSISTED he follow me to the hostel. Honestly, small female solo traveler, big scary man with a security guard belt…. Didn’t sit so right with me. But he kept following me despite my protests. I started getting anxious about the entire situation and wanted nothing more than to be alone so I could just quickly find a nearby place to stay, but this man hailed down a taxi and grabbed my arm, ushering me inside it. I was incredibly unsettled at this point.

Looking back, I’m unsure why I continued to stay in the taxi when I had felt so uneasy, but I’m glad I did.

Turns out, he had taken me to the hostel. AND he insisted on paying for the taxi. He once again called the owner, and while the owner was coming down, asked me what a couple words in English were. I apologized for my lack of Chinese; he apologized for his lack of English.

He came up with me and as soon as he saw I was checked in and safe, he waved goodbye and left.

I’m honestly so touched by this man’s generosity and kindness. It’s a good reminder that while yes, you can’t go around trusting everyone, there are some people that really do just want to help you.

My heart is so full right now. I am blown away by the pure good-heartedness of strangers. This stranger helped me and expected absolutely nothing in return. I am inspired by him. Moments like these, when kindness overcomes everything else, are the moments that I treasure most when traveling.

Sending love and light to all of you! <3 <3 <3




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