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Unexpected Kent: Dover, Canterbury, and the Seaside

So much of England is overshadowed by London. I fell in love with Kent over the past few days. Here’s everything we saw in Canterbury, Dover, and by the seaside!

Hi guys!

Earlier this month, I took a very short, but very sweet trip to Kent, England. Sometimes trips are great because of the company you’re with, not the actual destination, and I’ll admit, I thought this would be one of those trips.

I was so wrong! Kent is full of so much beauty and charm. My two(ish) days flew by, and I want to return and see more!

During my two(ish) days in Kent, I visited three places. Canterbury, Dover, and the seaside (apart from Dover). Each was quite different and so so lovely.


What an absolute gem. This city is so wonderful- there are the cutest alleyways filled with pubs, quaint little canals running through, and so much greenery. There’s a university here, so there’s a buzz in the city that keeps it alive. We ate at a fabulous restaurant for a Moroccan dinner while here- don’t miss Cafe Mauresque!


Dover is such a blast. We enjoyed walking along the white cliffs and eating loads of blackberries off the bush. The scenery is incredible, and the trails are well marked so you won’t get lost. The town itself has it’s charm, but I fell in love with strolling along the white cliffs and seeing the vast ocean beyond.

The Seaside

Honestly, this day was a lazy rainy day for us. We spent the majority of the day watching movies and eating yummy comfort food (ever try mini cheddars?!?! New love). That being said, the English seaside is lovely. There are plenty of coastal towns to fall in love with. I loved passing through Folkestone, where the buildings were colourful.

This short trip was an absolute dream, and I can’t wait to explore the rest of the UK.

If you’re interested in another coastal town, check out Aimee’s post on Portsmouth!

Til next time,


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