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unexpected inspiration

Its been two weeks (?!?!?!) since I’ve posted on here, and the reality behind that is because I haven’t found anything worth writing about. Whilst traveling and getting in touch with totally different cultures, inspiration isn’t hard to find. Every corner turned holds something never before seen, depending on your interpretation of whatever treasure you find. Singapore, for many, is an exotic location filled with mysteries and the unknown, but for me, its just… home.
I found myself walking the streets I normally walk searching for something inspiring, something that makes me want to write for hours and doodle and live a blog-worthy life, but that just isn’t the way things always are. I was trying too hard to find something worth being my muse. Today, after two long weeks, I finally found inspiration in the most boring place imaginable: my bed.
For those of you who haven’t stepped inside my room, it’s a mess. Currently, there is a ukulele case, random beauty products, clothes, my gym bag, and paperwork scattered around the floor. My (unmade) bed is covered in clothing, a comforter, and a ukulele (there’s also a book under the clothing)… And this mess is where I finally found something inspiring.
I don’t know why I found my messes to be so interesting, and I don’t exactly know if it counts as inspiration, but it got me thinking and wanting to blog and write and play the ukulele sitting on my bed. It also, for some reason, inspired me to paint half my face with makeup and document it. Don’t ask me why; my brain likes to go to unexpected places.

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