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Hello hello hello!
I woke up at 8ish this morning and headed downstairs for some breakfast. After a cheeky meal of a pear, some pineapple AND a slice of whole wheat toast with Nutella, I decided to go back up to my room to plan my day out. Since it was about 9 am at this point, I decided not to stray too far from my home base of Bad Häring. What other place than Innsbruck? I looked up the bus schedule, and unfortunately, I had just missed a bus by 10 minutes, and the next one is at 11 am. So here I am, sitting in the hotel room looking out at the incredible view and waiting until 11, when I can take the bus to Kufstein, where I’ll take a train to Innsbruck. I’ll probably arrive at about 1pm. After sightseeing, I’ll update this post with everything I did and the unexpected occurrences that came along with my day.

At 11:02, I took the bus to Kufstein Bahnhof (the train station), and caught a train to Innsbruck. It took an hour and fifteen minutes, which I slept through most of. The time I was awake was rewarded with incredible views of the mountains and greenery. IMG_4131
Once I arrived, I did the classic sightseeing things, like the Gold Roof and Dom St. Jakob. The other time was spent exploring everywhere I could, which never got boring. Innsbruck is beautiful!
After a bit of exploring, I stopped for lunch outside of the Gold Roof. I had traditional Austrian spinach dumplings, which are essentially giant gnocchi. It was delicious. I initially didn’t think it would be enough to satisfy my appetite, but it was a struggle for me to finish all 5!IMG_4169
I absolutely adored being able to see the mountains from wherever I was. It made me feel so small and insignificant. Usually people hate that feeling, but I’ve come to appreciate feeling small in the world and realizing that my problems are nothing.
The highlight of my trip was probably the Dom. I was enchanted by it, and found myself writing in my journal outside of it once I had toured the inside. It was incredible. I was sitting in a garden directly across from it, and I could just hear the river flowing and the church bells and children playing. The sun was hugging my body, but it wasn’t too warm because there was still a bite to the air.
I loved the color of the water here. It might be a really strange thing to notice, but it just looked so milky and cloudy, yet clean at the same time. Its embarrassing how long I was standing by the river just staring at the water in awe.
I loved how everywhere you looked in Innsbruck was a beautiful building. They weren’t all the same style or from the same period, but the architecture was beautiful, no matter when the building was built.
And really quickly, here’s my outfit. I’m wearing a blazer custom tailored for me, made by Ba Bi in Hoi An, a red topshop shirt, pink punk boyfriend jeans, and thrifted ballet flats. IMG_4229
Innsbruck was beautiful. It was a little more my pace than Kufstein, but that’s simply because I like busier places. It still wasn’t too crowded, which I enjoyed. I’m heading out to Salzburg soon, so I’m curious to see how Innsbruck and Kufstein compare! So far, every single place I’ve visited has been fabulous!
Till next time!

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  • Greta Noll

    ANYA I WAS IN SALZBURG THIS SUMMER! You have to climb up to the fortress and take in the view! Also the palace gardens! Going for a run in the city is amazing! I know about a waterfall gorge hike that is about 30 minutes south of Salzburg in Berchtesgarden if you want info on it- absolutely stunning. Sorry to be creepily commenting on your blog, I just love your life and am excited about SALZBURG. OMG also I have a great restaurant reco: Zirkelwirt around Residenzplatz. My family went there twice in three days. Traditional Austrian food and menu in english i think 😉

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