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If you haven’t been able to tell from my previous blog posts, Nepal is very near and dear to my heart (and yes, I know I never shut up about it). Ever since visiting there, I’ve become so passionate about trekking. Because I can’t jet off to the Himalayas whenever I’d like to (unfortunately), day hikes will have to suffice, and I can’t really complain! Especially when those hikes are to little European towns!
Our boat docked in Monte Carlo, Monaco, but our family decided to take the train to Eze (pronounced like PEZ minus the P), France. It was only €1.50 and 7 minutes later that we had arrived at the Eze train station, but Eze Village (the cutest part!) is a 15 minute bus ride away. My grandmother, mother, and aunt took the bus, but my sister and I decided to do something else!

We decided to hike the Nietzsche Trail, which we anticipated to be a short little walk, but NOPE. FULL ON HIKE. The trail was actually quite similar terrain to that of Nepal, rocky and uphill with plenty of stairs, but the weather was completely different (very very hot), and the view was not mountainous, but a beautiful panorama of the French Riviera’s coastline!

It was only a quick 45 minutes, but it had our hearts racing and legs pumping, and it was great to get out hiking again!
Eze itself was absolutely adorable, but very steep. We tried pushing the wheelchair up the hill, but that was a bit difficult, so my grandmother got up and walked. My grandmother made it up some steep stairs really well, and the view from near the clock tower was gorgeous!

After a quick lunch, we hurried back to Monte Carlo and I met my uncle for yet another hike! He took me up Monaco to La Turbie, France! First border crossing via hiking!
This hike yet again reminded me of Nepal, not because of the terrain (which was piney forest or steep concrete hills), but because of the trail markings! Same as the Annapurna Circuit!
It took an hour to get up to La Turbie, which was the CUTEST little town. We explored the little streets for a while, then hiked up further to a viewpoint, which was rewarded with an amazing view of both La Turbie and Monte Carlo.

At the end of the day, I was incredibly exhausted, but it was a great day of getting active and seeing some little French towns as well as Monte Carlo!

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