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Unexpected Hiking: Oeschinensee, Switzerland (and a mountain coaster!)

Hello, friends!

Today’s post is about one of the best days I’ve had in Switzerland thus far. A day in the outdoors! Because really, is there anything better?!

We went to Oeschinensee! Oeschinensee is a mountain lake. To get there, you have to take the train to Kandersteg, then take a funicular ride up. The views from there were already gorgeous.


As soon as you get off the funicular, you can turn left to the MOUNTAIN COASTER. You may have seen this facebook video. Yup! This is where it is!

This was honestly such a fun thing to do. And get this- its only CHF 5! You can buy a pack of 5 rides for CHF 20, which I recommend. You’ll want to do it more than once.

Mountain coaster

After that, we decided to hike! We went down to the lake and had lunch, then walked left along the lake, following the trail.


The trail brings you up into the mountains, where you get a stunning view of the lake, and then you circle around it. It’s not too difficult, although there was quite a bit of uphill at the beginning, and it was slippery because it was wet on the way down. Nevertheless, I loved it. Being surrounded by mountains is a feeling like no other.

The trail takes about 3 hours, and when you’re done, you can either take the funicular back or walk down the mountain.

The trains out of Kandersteg only come once every hour, but luckily, Kandersteg is a cute little town. You can grab a drink at a restaurant and look at the views, or grab something from the supermarket for the train (and the supermarket is open on Sunday!). Kandersteg is one of my favourite places to visit in Switzerland, but there are so many other incredible places to visit in Switzerland too!

The train is packed with hikers… Hiking is THE Sunday activity here. Switzerland is my kind of country.

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