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Helloooo from Australia! I’m currently exploring surfers paradise, but I’ll be taking little day trips to all around the Gold Coast before heading my way up to Brisbane.
For now, I’m traveling solo, but Jazi may or may not meet up with me depending on certain situations.
My plane took off from Changi at 10:20 pm last night, and I arrived at 8:05 am in Gold Coast. Border security had to come onto the plane before we could disembark because a family got sick on the flight, and luckily, we were cleared (yay no quarantine)! After going through immigration and customs and whatnot, I headed over to the domestic arrival hall to find the info booth that I could buy a gocard from. The gocard is the public transport card that I can use all throughout Queensland. From there, I hopped on a public bus (the 777) and one hour and $6 later, I was in surfers paradise! It was about 10 am at this point, and I was starving, so I headed into The Pancake Diner for (you guessed it) pancakes.

After that, I went to the hostel and lucky for me, my bed was available, so I checked in and took a nap. An hour later, I went into the main part of town to explore. A couple hours into finding my bearings, I got a yummy gyro for lunch! It reminded me of being in Europe this summer, such good memories:)

After lunch, I went back to the hostel and yet again fell asleep give me a break, I had a red eye!!!). After waking up, it was a bit cooler, so I went to the beach. The beach was beautiful, the sun not too intense, white sand, super nice waves, and a breeze! The breeze was nice for a bit, until the sun went down and I actually got too cold. When that happened, I went back to the hostel, showered, and went out for dinner.

 Food is actually quite expensive here (#backpackerbudget), so instead of eating out, I went to Woolworth and picked up some food, then sat on Cavill Avenue to eat. I don’t have a picture because two creepy guys sat on both sides of me and made eating my food annoyingly difficult. After I was rude and told them I had to go, I stopped for a hot chocolate hehe.
I headed back and arrived home at 10:30, right when a bus to go out was leaving. Some girls from my dorm invited me to go with them, so I quickly changed and hopped on the bus. We ended up at a club called Sin City, but left quite early (12:30) and took a rickshaw back to our place.
I’m writing this during my last day in Gold Coast, and I must say, this place has grown on me. The last two days were more or less the same. Beach walks, beach, food, meeting a bunch of lovely people. That being said, I’m really excited to go to the city! Tomorrow I head out to Brisbane and I’m not really sure how long I’ll be there. I’ll definitely be there for 2 days, and then I think Jazi will be meeting me after that and we’ll see how long we want to spend in Brisbane. I’ll probably end up staying about 5 days there.
Traveling alone has been a little scary at some points, but I’m learning how to get a little better at it! I’ve met tons of cool people on super amazing adventures and I can’t wait to continue on my own (with Jazi!!!).

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