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Gobdigoun Skincare Review

I rarely bring makeup on my backpacking trips. Call me lazy, call me a dirty hippie (which I totally am), call me efficient. I just don’t bring it backpacking with me.

The girly girl part of me still wants to look her best, of course, so while no makeup is totally a thing, skincare becomes more important to me!

I have been introduced to Gobdigoun Skincare and have absolutely fallen in love with their products. The brand is not a travel brand, but I find the skincare great for taking on the road.

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I am absolutely loving the Placenta Power Gel Mask, as each pack comes with 10 sheets. This means you’re getting 10 sheet masks. Better yet, they’re super easy to pack. There are quite a few of these in my backpack right now.

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These are much better than traditional paper masks, as these are gel! They stick on your face much better. Trust me, I have one of these guys on my face as I’m typing this and it hasn’t slid! I know some people like to bring these masks on airplanes and do them then, but personally, I can’t imagine looking like this on the plane! If you’re into it, this is really hydrating and would be a good plane mask.


When traveling, solids are much easier to pack than liquids. No spills & no TSA restrictions! I’ve been using the Gobdigoun Placenta Power Aging Corrector Soap Bar (Wrinkle Care- hey, never too early to start!) and I find it incredibly soothing on my skin. These soap bars last ages- I only brought one out of three bars traveling with me!


I have been religiously using the Placenta Power Aging Corrector Eye Cream. It’s been doing a fantastic job battling dark circles and fine lines that I get from flying and staying up all night to pack 🙂 It’s always super important to moisturize your undereyes post-flying, so this is a must bring! It’s also super pretty.



Lastly, hand creme. Again, traveling with dry hands is no fun, and since I’m used to Singapore humidity, I’m definitely getting my use of out these while here in Nepal. Goun Hand Crocodile Oil and Goun Hand Snail Mucin Hand Creme are always packed! Incredibly moisturizing with no oily residue.

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I have honestly fallen in love with these products and highly recommend them to travelers who have a little extra money laying around. They’re a little on the pricey side, but they truly do a wonderful job pampering your skin.

Since Gobdigoun Skincare is a new brand in South Korea, their website is in Korean. You can buy these products (& more!) on their Facebook Page! It’s easy!

If you happen to be in South Korea, head on over to their stores!


Gobdigoun Skincare has sent me these products for review. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you to the brands that make Unexpected Occurrence possible!

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