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unexpected first aid: the one thing i will always carry with me

First aid! Something so important for travelers to carry! I personally stock a small pharmacy with me on the road, and it’s been used a countless amount of times.

If there’s ONE thing I’ll ALWAYS pack, it’s Cipro.


I took this to Nepal with me when trekking a month in the Annapurna Region. It came in handy, as both my trekking partner and I came down with some nasty stomach bugs. When in the mountains, far from any doctors or pharmacies, Cipro is a lifesaver.

When on a 18 hour bus ride to Bardia National ParkBardia National Park, I was ‘blessed’ with a UTI. I spent two days camping and a total four days in the national park, in misery because of that damn infection. As soon as I got back to Kathmandu (after a 20 hour bus), where there was a real pharmacy (!!!!), I got Cipro. I was cleared up within 3 days.

Cipro, short for Ciprofloxacin, is a miracle antibiotic. It seriously clears up any bacterial infection you may have.

I wouldn’t use this drug as a first response to any funny stomach problems, however. It’s a serious antibiotic and I personally believe it should only be used when weaker antibiotics won’t be affective/ there aren’t any other options available.

I’ll always carry a pack of Cipro in my first aid kit JUST IN CASE I get stuck in a situation where I’m miserable and need treatment. I highly recommend carrying it when traveling; you never know when you’ll need it.

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